Forget Paris—This Tiny Town Is the Unofficial Food Capital of Europe

As I drift in and out of a jet-lagged haze during our drive from Frankfurt airport to Baiersbronn, a small town in Germany, I'm confused by the scenery that whirrs past my window: Is it real or is it part of my dreamlike daze? Lush, verdant hills undulate on either side of the winding road blanketed with tiny yellow flowers that look like they've been painted by a Disney cartoonist. At the base of the hills sits a cluster of quaint wood-clad homes, each with window boxes overflowing with blooms and hand-painted and chalet-style pitched roofs. It's a far cry from the eerie, fog-filled Hansel and Gretel image of the Black Forest—the first of many times Baden-Württemberg would surprise me during the four-day trip.

Nestled in Southwestern Germany, moments from the French border, the picturesque state boasts more than the fairytale-like Black Forest and quaint German villages: It's also home to Baiersbronn, a town with no less than eight Michelin stars. For context, The Economist points out that Paris has one star for every 16,000 people, and London has one for every 100,000. This tiny town has one star for every 2000 people.

Welcome to Baiersbronn, Germany, the unofficial foodie capital of Europe. Here's why you should plan a trip to dine, drink, and spa your way through the Black Forest locale (before everyone else does).

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