Psst—These 7 Black Friday 2018 Travel Deals Are Simply Too Good to Pass Up

Updated 05/04/19
Black Friday Travel Deals

The holidays are nearly upon us, so it is time to cherish all the time spent indoors with family and loved ones. It is also time to get a head start on planning your next vacation. The cold may have you thinking ahead to a tropical destination, but with Black Friday around the corner, you may be able to score some particularly significant savings on your travel expenses.

Predictions for the best 2018 Black Friday deals are already in full swing, but the actual prices remain hidden until Thanksgiving week. If you already know you will be taking a specific airline, sign up for its miles in advance so you can take advantage of its specials as they are announced. This goes for other travel companies too—everyone will be working to find you the best deals first, so signing up for email newsletters or notifications could go a long way.

We can expect this year’s Black Friday travel deals to cover the most popular cities for tourism, such as Chicago, Vegas, Rome, Paris, and Tokyo. And you don’t need to limit your vacation to seeing everything with a bird's eye view; cruise lines and hotel rates are predicted to drop prices as well as most airlines. After all, the basis of this shopping holiday is to make sure that even volatile industries see profits. There is historical precedent for many brands to continue the same or enact similar discounts from years past.

MyDomaine has done research on the deepest domestic and international travel discounts. Read our findings on the best Black Friday travel deals to look out for in 2018.

American Airlines

Black Friday Travel Deals — American Airlines

Airfare is not typically the only savings that American Airlines has been known to offer. You may find deeper savings when booking a full vacation through the domestic airline.

Singapore Airlines

Black Friday Travel Deals — Singapore Airlines

International airlines will encourage traveling with your passport for a deep bargain. Singapore Airlines usually has great deals on flights to Asia in the first half of the following year.

Southwest Airlines

Black Friday Travel Deals — Southwest Airlines

Though their available dates have been narrow in the past, traveling via Southwest Airlines is usually a good deal. Check the available dates and destinations on Black Friday in order to scoop up the best prices you can.

Hawaiian Airlines

Black Friday Travel Deals — Hawaiian Flight

It’s a painless hop from California to many of the Hawaiian islands, especially given the price cuts on flights via Hawaiian Airlines. You don’t need to fly out of L.A. to get the greatest discount either.

Cruises to Mexico

Black Friday Travel Deals — Cruises to Mexico

Consider making your relaxing trip to Cozumel, Mexico, even more serene by taking your partner on a four-night cruise. Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival will be the places to score the best rates.

Hotels in New York

Black Friday Travel Deals — Hotels in New York

Every family should visit New York City, but budgeting for the trip is a nightmare. Take care of your accommodations painlessly by finding cheap rates for Black Friday—you will be able to find rooms under $100 per night near Times Square or under $60 per night in other parts of the city.

Short Flights

Black Friday Travel Deals — Short Flights

One-way short flights are always going to be a steal, with one of the best routes being Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Others to look out for: Orlando to Miami; San Francisco to L.A.; Washington, D.C. to New York; and more.

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