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Inspiring Black Interior Designers We Should All Be Following

Nicole Gibbons

Nicole Gibbons, Courtesy of Clare Paint

Earlier this week, we made a commitment to you, our readers, that we would prioritize lifting up diverse voices on our site, featuring Black-owned brands and companies run by BIPOC, and further highlighting the work of Black designers and designers of color.

We can do more and will do more to make MyDomaine a more inclusive place. Not just today, but every single day.

One way we can all start is by diversifying our Instagram feeds and following the brilliant Black interior designers below. Their styles run the gamut from eclectic maximalism to understated minimalism, to everything in between, and are sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

Supporting the Black Interior Designers Network and the Black Artists + Designers Guild, and hiring Black designers for your own projects is another great way to promote inclusivity in the design world.

And rest assured, we will continue to share the work, stories, and experiences of these artists far beyond today.

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Keia McSwain

Designer Keia McSwain became the president of the Black Interior Designers Network in 2017, the year Kimberly Ward, the founder of the organization, and McSwain's friend and coworker, passed away. McSwain is a self-taught designer based in Denver who regularly uplifts the voices of up and coming Black designers and helped officially establish The Black Interior Designers Network as a nonprofit.

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Nicole Gibbons

Nicole Gibbons is a well-known interior designer and the founder of Clare Paint, a direct-to-consumer paint company. Her keen eye for style and background as a designer serves her well in her current role as CEO.

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Carmeon Hamilton

Black Designers You Should Follow
Nubi Interiors

Carmeon Hamilton is an interior stylist, blogger, and lifestyle designer who runs Nubi Interiors. She chronicles her design work on Instagram, giving followers a real look behind the curtain at what makes a space work.

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Forbes + Masters

Forbes Masters

Forbes + Masters 

Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters are the designers behind Forbes + Masters, a full-service interior design firm based in Atlanta. They highlight their bold designs on Instagram and work on projects around the country.

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Breegan Jane

Black Designers You Should Follow

 Breegan Jane 

Breegan Jane is an interior designer who you may recognize from HGTV's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. She's also a lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, and the author of the forthcoming children's book, Carbie.

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Kiyonda Powell

Kiyonda Powell is the principal designer at Kiyonda Powell Design Studio, LLC in Washington, D.C. She has over 17 years of experience and brings "soul, spice, depth, and unexpected surprises" to all of her projects.

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Saudah Saleem

Black Designers You Should Follow

Saudah Saleem Interiors

Saudah Saleem is a designer, fashionista, and self-described "boss mom" whose work has been featured on HGTV and in a variety of shelter magazines. She describes her style as "vintage soul with a modern twist."

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Sheila Bridges

Sheila Bridges has been a design industry powerhouse since she launched her practice in the '90s. She's known for her creativity and masterful use of color was once named “America’s Best Interior Designer” by CNN and Time Magazine and is the creator of the Harlem Toile pattern.

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Malene Barnett

Malene Barnett is the founder of the Black Artists + Designers Guild, which she started in 2018 as a response to the lack of diversity in the worlds of art and design. She is a ceramic artist, activist, and speaker who "hopes to bridge the function of textiles and ceramics from the African region by exploring what it means to be Black in America today."

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Michel Smith Boyd

Black Designers You Should Follow

 Michel Smith Boyd

You may recognize Michel from Bravo's Buying It Blind, where he helped couples design their dream homes. He established his practice, SmithBoyd Interiors, in 2006, which specializes in luxury projects, both residential and commercial.

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Tiffany Brooks

Tiffany Brooks is a professional interior designer with her own design firm in Chicago. She was the winner of HGTV's Design Star in 2013 and is currently the designer and host behind HGTV's yearly Smart Home initiative.

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Brigette Romanek

Black Designers You Should Follow

Romanek Design Studio

Brigette Romanek is an interior designer and the owner of Los Angeles-based Romanek Design Studio, which offers bespoke design, architectural, and project management services to clients. She's also been featured on Architectural Digest's "AD 100" list.

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Nicole White

Black Designers You Should Follow

Nicole White Designs


Nicole White is an award-winning designer, blogger, and influencer who runs the eponymous Nicole White Designs in South Florida.

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Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason

Black Designers You Should Follow


New York-based husband-and-wife duo, Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason, have run the design firm AphroChic together since 2007. Their mission is "celebrating creativity from across the Diaspora."

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Bailey Li

Black Designers You Should Follow

Bailey Li Interiors

Bailey Li describes herself as a decorative artist, interior artist, and designer. She is a self-taught interior designer and the founder of Bailey Li Interiors. She believes that "by transforming one’s space, you can transform their life."

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Beth Diana Smith

Black Designers You Should Follow

Beth Diana Smith

Beth Diana Smith is an interior designer with a "bold, eclectic style and a love for color, pattern, and details." After more than a decade working in accounting and finance, she received a degree from the New York School of Interior Design. Her corporate background coupled with her innate creativity serve her well as the principal of her full-service firm, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design.

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Courtney McLeod

Black Designers You Should Follow

 Right Meets Left Interior Design

Courtney McLeod is the founder and principal designer at Right Meets Left Interior Design, an award-winning, full-service studio based in Manhattan. She is known for "joyfully elegant, color-confident interiors expressing both her clients' unique tastes and her vivid, collected aesthetic."

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Shavonda Gardner

Black Designers You Should Follow

SG Style

Shavonda Gardner is a designer and the blogger behind SG Style. She chronicles her experience in small space living using the hashtag #thecottagebungalow and is currently building an English cottage-inspired potager garden from scratch.

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Nikki Klugh

Nikki Klugh is the founder and CEO of an award-winning interior design firm, Nikki Klugh Design Group, Inc, who harnesses her belief that "everyone deserves a place of respite" into her designs.

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Denese Butler

Black Designers You Should Follow

The Perfect Vignette 

Denese Butler is a designer and the founder of the design firm The Perfect Vignette. As the daughter of a carpenter and wife to an architect/builder, she describes her own career path as "seemingly inevitable." On her Instagram, she not only shares finished projects but progress shots and a peek at her family life, as well.

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Kelly Finley

Black Designers You Should Follow

Kelly Finley

Kelly Finley is the founder and principal designer at Oakland, California-based Joy Street Design, and joy is what she brings to each of her projects through her use of color and bold design choices. The former lawyer holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford Law School, and Emory University.

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Erika Ward

Black Designers You Should Follow

Erika Ward Interiors

Atlanta-based Erika Ward is the founder and principal designer at the design firm and showroom Erika Ward Interiors, which she started in 2006. She describes the firm as having a "contemporary meets classic interior design aesthetic."

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Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson is a residential designer and the founder of Duett Interiors. She previously worked at Nike, before deciding to translate her passion for interior design into a career. Her specialty is "merging cultures with your personal style to transform a space to be uniquely yours."

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Justin Q. Williams

Black Designers You Should Follow

 Justin Q. Williams

Justin Q. Williams is an interior designer, interior stylist, and entrepreneur based in Atlanta. He is the founder and principal designer at Trademark Design Company and has had work published in several design publications.

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Gail Davis

Gail Davis is an interior designer, podcast host, and graduate of the New York School of Interior Design. She is also the founder and principal designer at the New Jersey-based firm, Gail Davis Designs.

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Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is a designer, artist, and founder of The Jungalow. Her distinctive style is infused with inspiration from nature, and she is the author of multiple best-selling books.

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Arianne Bellizaire

Black Designers You Should Follow

 Arianne Bellizaire

Arianne Bellizaire is a Louisiana-based interior designer with over ten years of experience in the design world. Her mission is to help clients feel less overwhelmed by the design process and truly enjoy the process.

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Janea Brown

Janea Brown is a blogger, YouTuber, and design enthusiast with an emphasis on creating a happy home and healthy life. She helps her readers and viewers bring their "dream home aesthetic to life" while promoting wellness at home.

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Corey Damen Jenkins

Black Designers You Should Follow

Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates

Corey Damen Jenkins is an interior designer and the founder of Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates, which has offices in Detroit, Michigan, and New York City. He describes his mission as helping to ensure his clients' homes "are always classic, livable, and without an expiration date."

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Keita Turner

Black Designers You Should Follow

 Kieta Turner Design

Keita Turner is a New York City-based interior designer and graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She's also the founder of Livvy & Neva, a collection of throw pillows that features both vintage and contemporary designs.