Could the Next Big Kitchen Color Trend Replace the Popular All-White Look?

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Bobby Berk

Tessa Neustadt for Bobby Berk

There’s a new trend encroaching on the success of the all-white kitchen, and let me just start by saying it may be my favorite yet. The black kitchen is a daring delve into the dark side—only it doesn’t have to mean moody. Instead, it can be sleek and chic, but it’s always sophisticated. This non-color (if we’re getting technical) often gets a bad rep for being too aggressive, but we have seen the success stories on Pinterest. The look can be achieved if you simply follow the 12 Tips for nailing this kitchen trend.<br/>If you’re still not sold on this dusky look, turn your attention to a man we consider a guru of sorts, Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk never leads America astray, especially not when proving the point that risk can be rewarding. Case in point, when he broke all the rules to create a “classic, yet edgy,” dining experience in his own home. Berk lends us his wisdom on nailing this look and promises, “it doesn’t have to be scary.” He believes whether you’re in a smaller space or one pooled with loads of natural light—you can make it work. By the end of this article, you will certainly be a monochromatic convert.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts

Opposites Attract

When you enlist the impact of this monochromatic kitchen trend, you should start by knowing you by no means have to go all or nothing. In fact, the appeal of the black kitchen look is often in how striking the shade is against contrasting colors—black cabinets with a white backsplash can look ultra-polished. Remember, opposites attract.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Catherine Kwong
Catherine Kwong 

Pick Your Shade

Not all blacks are created equal, and this could play a big part in the finished product. Depending on the natural light filtering through the room, the surrounding spaces, or even personal preference, you’ll either want to scale your chosen shade bluer or a starker true black. Pick up a few swatches and hold them up against hardware, fixtures, and appliances to see which is more your style. Can’t decide? Farrow & Ball's Pitch Black is a choice that works in just about any light and space as it’s as pure as you can get.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—BHDM Design
BHDM Design

Mix and Match

If your eye is set on a full midnight-hued kitchen, delve into the various materials at your disposal. You’re not limited to achieving this look with just a paint roller. Black subway tiles are a stunning way to add depth with texture and visual intrigue. Just like an all-black outfit, the key to making a black kitchen visually interesting is all in the layering of various textures, and materials.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Studio DB
 Studio DB

Consider Statements

As mentioned above, fulfilling this concept does not mean everything your eye lands on is swathed in ebony. Instead, this color choice can become a beautiful canvas for a statement wall. Consider a backsplash of vibrant wallpaper in corresponding colors.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Brass Fixtures
Tessa Neustadt for Bobby Berk 

The Finishing Touches

A great way to make a black kitchen really pop is to contrast it with brushed brass hardware. This super contemporary look can read clean and sophisticated once all the faucets, lighting, and handles are installed.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts 

Opt for Natural Elements

If you do decide to go all black, our tip is to warm it up. We recommend wood accessories or as an alternative to paint, why not opt for a black wood to panel the cupboards and kitchen island instead. This look comes across much softer and the grain of the wood reads through beautifully. This look is ideal with creamy marble countertops as it uplifts those earthly elements. 

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Monochromatic Fixtures
Tessa Neustadt for Bobby Berk 

Consider Monochrome Fixtures

If you’ve decided to take the approach of pops of black with neutrals in between, a beautiful way to tie it all together is with obsidian colored pendant lights. This way the black elements will meet from the bottom to the top, with creams and whites in the middle and truly give the desired effect.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Catherine Kwong, black stools
Catherine Kwong

It’s All in the Details

Allow the whole look to culminate by opting for sleek black seating—whether it be bar stools or step stools that are functional to the space. This will tell visitors you’ve really dedicated yourself to the approach.

Marble kitchen
Jean Charles Tomas  

Look at Marble

Another dreamy material that can easily bring this trend to fruition is opting for a black marble countertop or backsplash. It’s incredibly easy to wipe down, instead of paint, which only wears over time, and gives an opulent lasting impression.

All-black kitchen trend
 A B Kasha

Pick Your Preferred Finish

Don’t underestimate just how diverse this hue can really be. One thing to think about is whether you prefer a matte or shiny finish on your coat of paint. Both are stunning in the right environment, so narrow in on which one is more up your alley. A good way to pick is to compare all the elements in your space. If your fridge is stainless steel, it’s possible a matte black would be just the right amount of balance.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Catherine Kwong
Catherine Kwong 

Don’t Forget the Floor

Your choice of flooring is very important to accomplishing your dream all-black kitchen. I love the idea of finishing it off with sleek dark or black paneled wood to make a dramatic point. If you’re feeling like it’s still too dark, add some color with a vintage rug.

Tips for nailing the all black kitchen trend—Elizabeth Roberts Kitchen Design
Elizabeth Roberts 

The Color Is Your Canvas

I’m very drawn to projects that have showcased open kitchen shelves painted black. They show off your collection of ceramics as they stand stark against the dark background. This look is easy to achieve just be mindful of keeping them clutter-free.

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