Behind the Scenes of Blake Lively's New Painted Pillow Collaboration

When Blake Lively’s new editorial/e-commerce site, Preserve, finally arrived with its airy blend of fashion, décor, and food content, there was a lot of hullabaloo—and certainly a few opinions. Only time will tell what the lifestyle venture bring us, but what we do know is that Lively has a real appreciation for the handmade—and the arts. That said, the site offers few details about how her products and collaborations all came together, so we did a little digging to discover it on our own!

One of Lively’s debut collaborations is a line of cotton-twill pillows which she created in partnership with New Orleans artist Ashley Longshore, a fierce, Pop-Art-inspired painter whose clients also include Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. We sat down with Longshore to find out just how this sprightly collection came to be—read our interview below.