This Is Blake Lively's Exact Workout Routine, According to Her Trainer

Updated 06/07/17
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If you've ever wondered how Blake Lively keeps in shape, wonder no more. The fit, healthy mom of two, who has done professional acting roles in nothing but a bathing suit (see The Shallows), looks perpetually amazing; and her personal trainer Don Saladino revealed her exact workout routine to Well+Good.

Lively had two months to get ready for the role, so Saladino shares that he had her on a regimen of five to six days of high-intensity activity, with at least one set day for rest and recovery. The routine involved one day for upper body, one day for lower body, one day of interval training in the pool, and one day of full-body exercising outdoors so that she could do it anywhere while traveling. Keep reading to see what the upper and lower body workouts are like.  


"1. Start with 3–5 minutes on a foam roller, rolling out and warming up the muscles.
"2. Move into warm-up: 3–5 movements of a dynamic mobility exercise (such as one legged glute bridges), done for 3–4 rounds of roughly 8–10 reps.
"3. Jump, throw, carry: Do 10 jumps of any kind (squat jumps, star jumps, etc.), throw something 10 times (side slam, ball slam, etc), then carry weight for 40–50 yards. Complete 3 rounds of each circuit.

"4. Upper body work: Do 3–4 exercises that target the upper body, with 3–4 rounds of roughly 8–10 reps each.

"5. Finish with energy systems work: Quick burst of cardio or 20–30 minutes on the elliptical, treadmill, or Stairmaster."


"Day 2 starts just like Day 1, with foam rolling, a warm-up, and a jump-throw-carry sequence.
"Then lower-body work begins: 3–4 exercises like a kettlebell deadlift, a lateral lunge, and split squat, done for 3-4 rounds of roughly 8-10 reps each. Again, finish with some cardio."

For the exact exercises and number of reps for days three through five, head on over to Well+Good!


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