These 6 Foods Are "Hidden Sources of Sodium" & Will Make You Bloated

When you eat a bowl of ramen or salty movie theater popcorn, you know what you're signing up for: a bloated stomach and maybe even a touch of dehydration. But as Deborah Tagliareni, MS, RD, writes for Fitness, there are plenty of other, less obvious sources of sodium that can leave you with a distended stomach with seemingly no explanation.

"The 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends limiting your intake to 2300 milligrams per day—or 1 teaspoon of salt," she writes. "That might seem like a lot, but that total includes salt inherently found in food, not only what is added."  Tagliareni explains that a single meal can easily contain an entire day's worth of sodium, even without touching a salt shaker.

While high-sodium foods don't necessarily make you gain weight, "mMst salty foods are processed and contain loads of fat and sugar," adds Lisa Moscovitz, RD, CEO, and founding dietitian of the NY Nutrition Group, in a Q&A with Women's Health. "Eating salt does not directly increase body fat, but it can increase water retention, which would show up on the scale." In Tagliareni's own words, below are the "sneaky sources of sodium" to look out for.

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