Take a Stroll Through a Malibu Marvel Tucked Into the Mountains

For this year’s Real Simple and This Old House Dream Home, designer Courtney Lake of Monogram Decor was enlisted to create an inviting interior for an eco-friendly prefab house from Blu Homes. Inspired by both the architecture of the modern home design and its mountain location, Lake fused contemporary elements with a sense of warmth to craft the soothing interiors.

“It has soaring ceilings and is light-filled; it's a perfect palette for a designer and lent itself to go in many different directions,” Lake tells us about the house. “I also factored in the Malibu location of the home. It's a community that lives for the outdoors: hiking, beaches, al fresco dining.” Combining these inspirations, Lake created a design that highlights the light and airy qualities of the house while paying homage to its coastal Southern California location.