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21 Blue and White Kitchens That Prove This Color Pairing Is Perfection

White kitchen with blue island and gold pendant lights.

House Sprucing

If you want to spice up your white kitchen design without stepping too far out of your comfort zone, there is a perfect accent color just waiting for you to try it: blue. From deep shades of navy to bright blue sky-inspired hues, there is a blue out there sure to perfectly complement your current white kitchen. 

Though white kitchens truly never go out of style and have been a design go-to for years, why not make the trend your own by adding an accent color—like blue? The shade won’t detract from your design, can be used with all different interior styles, and is sure to be a color you love for years to come. 

We rounded up 21 blue and white kitchens of all design styles and sizes for inspiration. Don't be afraid to try this classic combo—we’re sure you’ll love it.

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Soft Vintage Vignette

Kitchen with a bit of a vintage feel and blue painted island.

Design: Allie Boesch Designs, Photo: Amy Bartlam

The pop of blue in this kitchen gives just the right amount of visual interest. The dusty shade of light blue feels vintage yet timeless, pairing well with the beadboard counter and other rustic, wooden elements of this kitchen.

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Royal Navy

Navy blue kitchen with black and white floor tiles.

Erin Williamson Design

There is something so elegant and elevated about navy blue. It’s a great moody hue to feature in any room of your home—and that includes the kitchen. Here, navy classically contrasts the black and white floor tiles while adding a bit of edgy personality to the white backsplash and marble island. 

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Hints of Gold

White kitchen with blue island and gold pendant lights.

House Sprucing

If you’re weary of incorporating color into your kitchen, a great place to start is with the kitchen island. Since it lives in a space all its own, it won’t interfere with the sleek white design that comes with your counters, cabinetry, or backsplash. A white countertop warmly welcomes this blue island into the kitchen design.

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Uniquely Vintage

Kitchen with blue vintage stove.

Naked Kitchens

Blue and white shines in this space in a number of ways: a rich blue island with a wooden countertop, blue pendant lighting, light blue lower cabinets, and a vintage blue oven to blend the classic with the modern. Sometimes, being unafraid to take basics like blue and white to a new level will reap the highest reward in a kitchen.

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Making a Splash

White kitchen with bright blue backsplash.

Reagen Taylor Photography

This backsplash is such a fun statement for this kitchen. The space feels well-designed and cohesive, thanks to the juxtaposition of the luxe marble countertops and playful blue tiled backsplash. 

If you’re weary of painting your kitchen walls or cabinets blue, incorporating pops of blue into your backsplash is a great alternative.

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Soft and Sweet

Small kitchen with baby blue cabinets.

Naked Kitchens

A great way to make the most of a smaller kitchen is to brighten it up with statement cabinetry, as seen in this sweet blue and white kitchen. Painting cabinets this shade of light blue might seem intimidating, but the small kitchen is actually the perfect space to try a color like this on for size.

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Match Game

White and blue kitchen with white scalloped backsplash.

Ashley Montgomery Design

We love how the coordinating hardware in this kitchen pops on both the lower navy blue cabinets and upper white cabinets, giving the space lots of finish and cohesion. Plus, the scalloped backsplash adds a subtle playfulness. What is not to love? 

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True Blue

White kitchen with bright blue island and cabinets.

Naked Kitchens

This shade of blue is truly breathtaking. Its vivid tone is balanced by the presence of white in the kitchen space, from the clean walls and countertops to the white drinkware adorning the open shelving. Any color can shine given the right complements, especially blue and white.

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Light it Up

Kitchen with matching blue cabinets and pendant lights.

Naked Kitchens

Going for a monochromatic look in your kitchen? Incorporate the color into the lighting. Intriguing lighting takes this sleek, well-designed kitchen to the next level, pulling your eye upward and creating visual interest not only on the walls, but the ceiling as well.

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Sleek and Streamlined

Sleek modern kitchen with blue cabinets.

Charlie Interior Design

For those of you not on board with a bold statement color for the kitchen, this design will fit your needs perfectly. It is subtle and chic while still adding the unique element of colorful cabinetry. Keeping it simple throughout the rest of the kitchen will avoid blue accents overwhelming the space.

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Subtle Touch of Blue

White and wood kitchen with teal accent above stove.

Whittney Parkinson Design

There is no strict rule that says an accent color has to become the star of the show. Here, the blue takes a backseat to the warm white accents and creates symmetry by highlighting the focal point stove in the middle of the kitchen.

Achieving balance in your kitchen is easy by decorating and designing with complementary tones and colors in mind.

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Tiled and Two-Toned

Kitchen with archway and blue and white cabinets.

Hacienda Moderna

Choosing colors for your home should mean more than just an aesthetic. Accenting colors that hold meaning to you will ensure you love the design for years to come, just how Nicole Spurlock of Hacienda Moderna feels about her two-toned kitchen. 

“Blue has been my favorite color since I can remember, so I knew I wanted to incorporate it in my favorite room of the house,” Spurlock says. “I love how this slate shade adds interest and sophistication to this otherwise light and bright area.”

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Modern Cottage

Modern cottage blue kitchen.

Arbor & Co.

This blue kitchen perfectly combines modern elements with the cozy cottage feel that is all the rage lately. Trends like subway tile backsplashes and open shelving are on full display and perfectly complement the dusty blue cabinetry.

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White and Wooden

Chic coastal kitchen with dusty blue island and marble countertops.

HW Interiors

We are obsessed with every detail of this blue and white kitchen: the gold accents, the orb pendant lighting, and those chic woven barstools. Mixing colors, textures, and materials has high payoff in a kitchen—and makes for a one of a kind design that doesn't feel overdone.

"There is a waterfront view from this kitchen, so we wanted riff off of the gorgeous color of the Intercoastal," Heather Weisz and Lisa Hynes, the design duo behind HW Interiors, says. "We knew we wanted keep the palette light with a touch of color that would also be a timeless neutral."

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Arched Masterpiece

Blue arched kitchen cabinets with penny tile backsplash.

House of Chais

It's not common to find cabinets in a form beyond their typical rectangles, but the change in shape took this kitchen to the next level. The arches add a whimsical quality to the space, while the deep navy and crisp white penny tile backsplash keep the space crisp and timeless.

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Full of Personality

Kitchen filled with vintage art and decor.

House 9 Interiors

This London kitchen feels incredibly unique and personal with lots of antique art and décor—and the shades of blue and white throughout the space only contribute to telling the color story. Statement gold hardware and marble countertops add detailed finishing touches, balancing out the more vintage décor perfectly.

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Pattern Play

Patterned kitchen

Dan Rak Design

Having such a printed backsplash might seem intimidating to most homeowners, but it's the blue and white color palette that make it easy to pull off. There is just enough punch to the backsplash, but it coordinates so well with the cabinetry that the look comes together seamlessly.

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In the Tropics

Blue cabinets in a kitchen

Maite Granda

This space is utterly fun and inviting. We could see ourselves enjoying a cold drink in this tropically-inspired kitchen with an ocean blue statement island, which shines bright next to the clean white cabinetry.

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Rich and Glamorous

Richly colored blue kitchen cabinets.

LA Designer Affair

This kitchen went for luxury with the intense, royal blue cabinetry and white marble countertops. It is unafraid to make a statement in the home and feels completely glamorous.

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Playfully Chic

Playful blue and white kitchen with marble countertops.

Mary Patton Design

The mixture of design elements in this space makes it full of life and visual interest, from the luxurious marble countertops to the fun, farmhouse inspired décor on the open shelving—and not to mention the stunning blue cabinetry.

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Eat-In and Drink Up

Modern blue kitchen with white tile backsplash.

Amy Courtney Design

This kitchen screams sophistication with its deep navy hues—and is fully stocked to create any cocktail of choice or enjoy a Sunday breakfast at the eat-in bar. We love how well the rustic open shelving contrasts with the clean, white backsplash and standout kitchen cabinets.