So This Is the Secret to Sticking With the Whole30 Plan

Updated 01/18/18

Whether you wrote down a long list of 2018 goals or have decided to say so long to New Year's resolutions altogether, we're pretty sure you'll agree that self-improvement is a beautiful (and necessary) part of life no matter the season. Though there is something about January that makes us want to reset our digestive tracts. Maybe it's all the turkey-gravy sammies or the sugar cookies we ate throughout holiday break, but for the New Year, we plan on treating our bodies better.

Which is why we were stoked to find out that our favorite meal-kit delivery service, Blue Apron, is teaming up with Whole30, the popular program designed to reset your metabolism, improve gut health, and reduce cravings. Since the plan essentially requires all meals to be home-cooked, the Blue Apron program is genius. Each week through February, the site will introduce two new Whole30-approved recipes that will be delivered straight to your door (music to our ears!).

Want to learn more about Whole30 and how Blue Apron can help kick-start your health goals? Read our full list of dos, don'ts, and must-know tips below.

whole30 cheat sheet

While it may seem like a laundry list of foods you have to avoid for 30 days, the idea is that these items can cause gut irritation. Some people even find out that they have allergies to certain ingredients as they reintroduce them into their diets post-Whole30.

whole30 shopping list

Luckily, there are plenty of healthy and delicious foods you can enjoy. Our ears may or may not have perked up when we found out potatoes and coffee were two of the items on the approved list.

blue apron tips

There are many ways to stay on track during the Whole30 program, but the site claims that 78% has to do with meal prep. Blue Apron makes it incredibly easy for people who want to reset their health but don't have a ton of time on their hands or the culinary know-how. 

blue apron recipes

Each Blue Apron box comes with the exact ingredients and instructions you need to make each recipe, which takes the guesswork out of dinner and eliminates grocery waste. 

blue apron meals

Not only are the Whole30 options delicious and healthy, they're also fun to make. Our excuses for throwing our hands up and ordering takeout? Just about nil now.

You're just one step away from healthy eating. Head to Blue Apron now to get $40 off your first two weeks!

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