12 Gorgeous Blue Bathroom Designs For a Cool and Clean Space

blue bathroom

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

There's a single color that possesses the ability to evoke all kinds of emotions and flatter all design styles, depending on the shade and tone. We're, of course, talking about the transformative and versatile hue we call blue. The cool color can range from bold and energetic to calm and serene or moody and evocative at drop of a hat.

And the best part it pairs perfectly with so many other hues on the color wheel. Whether you're looking to create a bathroom that feels relaxed and beachy, opulent and feminine, or super modern, there's a way to use blue to achieve any look you crave. Ahead, 10 ways to style your bathroom with arguably the most versatile color on the spectrum. Feeling blue? Same!

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Vertical Subway Tile

blue bathroom

House of Chais

If you're a lover of all interior décor like we are, it can be difficult to nail down your forever style. The good news is you never have to limit yourself to just one. This blue bathroom fuses multiple influences to create a look all its own. We love how the small tile on the top half of the walls feel modern, while the blue subway tile evokes a more traditional vibe. The two styles come together to create a timeless, but fun look.

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Cerulean Opulance

blue bathroom

Elena Christine Obelenus

As you know, different shades and tones of blue have the power to exude a variety of styles and feelings, so why settle on just one? This deconstructed ombre effect on the walls, paired with silver and metallic accents feels so luxurious. Recreate the look with the help of a peel-and-stick wallpaper mural or, if you're feeling artistic, DIY a masterpiece using multiple shades of blue paint and a sponge technique.

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Monochromatic Navy

blue bathroom

Design: Neisha Crosland; Photo: Harvey Maria

Navy is one of those shades that can transform any space into a sophisticated sanctuary in a snap. The only thing that can make it even more striking is incorporating more of it. Pairing the same statement shade on the walls and cabinets, like this bathroom, feels so expensive, a bit moody, and oh so Instagrammable. Our point: When in doubt, add more navy.

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Tonal Takeover

blue and floral bathroom

Design: Ginny Macdonald; Photo: Sara Tramp; Styling: CJ Sandgren

Playing with patterns is like a dance, a fine art, walking a thin line. Not incorporating enough prints can feel underwhelming but mixing too many bold patterns can feel like visual overload. This bathroom pairs a floral print wallpaper, herringbone-installed blue tile, and colored granite countertops all together, yet somehow feels completely balanced and cohesive. The secret to design success in this space is the marriage of the same shade of blue throughout. Staying tonal in all aspects of your décor helps your space look bold, without feeling overwhelming.

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Bold Blue

bathroom with navy blue tile

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors; Photo: Christy Q Photography

Blue can walk the line between a bold, in-your-face color and a soft, barely-there shade. In this bathroom, the blue-gray tile is a bump up from white that gives your bathroom major oomph. The rest of the bathroom is kept white to keep the focus on the herringbone tile work.

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Neutral Blue

blue bathroom with checkered wallpaper

Design by Dama

While blue is traditionally considered a masculine color, this bathroom proves it's actually neutral territory, even when paired with a plaid print, like in this bathroom. The white accents, gold fixtures, and wainscotting strike a nice balance with this light blue paint packed with gray undertones.

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Sophisticated Sapphire

blue bathroom with gold mirror

Design: Ganz Interiors + Osterwald & Sons

A common misconception about dark colors is that they have a tendency to visually shrink a room. Contrary to this belief, the deep, rich blue painted from floor to ceiling in this powder room feels, well, rich, and not the least bit cramped. Added touches like wall moulding, sconce lighting, and old and silver décor do a great job at rounding out the space and making it feel luxe.

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Striped Takeover

blue striped bathroom

House of Chais

We can't get enough of this artsy bathroom that boasts statement-making stripes. While outfitting your walls in precious stone can be an obvious bank breaker, there are plenty of peel-and-stick wallpaper options that can transform your bathroom, even if you're renting. Incorporate metallic accents and modern hardware to make your bathroom a total showstopper.

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Blue Cabinetry

blue bathroom

JK Interior Living

The best part about designing a bathroom is, unlike most other rooms in your home, you have free rein to work with all the color you want. If you're considering redecorating your bathroom with shades of blue, start with your bathroom cabinetry. It's an easy way to bring a pop of color into your space.

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Vintage Blue

Vintage blue bathroom

Design: Meridith K Design ; Staging & Styling: A 1000x Better; Photo: My Life in Colour

On the other hand, a bucket of paint can work wonders for any space in your home. We love how this bathroom incorporates the same light teal blue with grey undertones on all the walls, cabinets, and base of the bathtub for a major wow factor. When paired with reclaimed wood floors, beveled mirrors, antique art, and statement lighting, this space feels like a timeless getaway in the French countryside.

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Coastal Blue

blue bathroom

Kate Decorates

Blues found in nature along the coast tend to have gray undertones in them (think gloomy skies, weathered lifeguard towers, and crashing waves). If you're trying to achieve a coastal feel in your bathroom, mimic those blue-gray shades found in nature. While the blues in the wallpaper and cabinets in this bathroom boast different tones, they both share a gray tint that feels beachy fresh. Sandy color accents, bamboo touches, and rattan additions transport you anywhere from the California coast to Connecticut's preppy shoreline.

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Paint And Wallpaper Pairing

blue bathroom with round mirror

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

The best part about decorating in this day and age is that you have any shade of paint at your fingertips. This blue wood accent wall behind the sink is a showstopper all its own, but when paired with a matching wallpaper, it makes for a modern and monochromatic look that stands the test of time.

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