We Can't Get Enough of These Gorgeous Blue Bedrooms

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images


Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

After a while, white walls get blasé, and neutral rooms feel overplayed. To really add some personality to a room, it’s all about leaning into color: pinks, reds, greens, oranges, even yellows.

But the one color that surpasses almost any other is trusty blue. Unlike warm shades—and some other cool tones—blue is seemingly universal. The color can be simultaneously as bright and vivid as it is a complementary neutral. That’s why it’s one of our top picks for bedroom palettes.

From soft robin’s egg blue to dark shades of indigo and navy, blue is a dynamic color that can transform any bedroom from basic to beautiful. But don't fear if you're color averse—blue works as an accent color, too! "We typically start with a neutral base palette when designing spaces, but love to bring in subtle pops of color through rugs, pillows, accessories, and accent pieces," says interior designer Erin Chelius.

Meet the Expert

Erin Chelius is the owner and principal designer at Chelius House of Design.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite blue bedrooms to get the ball rolling. Ready to get your blue on? Just keep reading. 

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Start With a Neutral Palette

blue bedroom

Erin Chelius

If subtlety is your thing, take a cue from this calming bedroom. "Blue makes for a great accent color in the bedroom, as it provides a lot of versatility, is very calming and relaxing, and has actually been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. I mean, who doesn't want to feel calm and relaxed when going to bed at night and waking up in the morning?" Chelius says. "And the best part is, by adding color through the use of a throw blanket, bench, pillows, etc., these items can be easily changed out if you ever want to switch things up."

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Mix Light and Dark

colors that go with navy blue

Design: Blue Copper Design

For a sophisticated twist on blue, feature a deep shade of navy, complemented by soft, light shades like ivory and terra-cotta. It’s an unexpected way to incorporate color without straying too far from classic neutrals. 

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Go Classic

blue grey paint

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

We're applauding this classic but whimsical blue and white bedroom. To keep it looking eclectic and fresh, add pattern with the bed linens and consider a colorful rug.

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Layer on Texture

Bedroom with greenish blue paint

Mandi Cook

The easiest way to up the coziness of any room is with texture—and plenty of it. This principle remains true with blue decor. Mix denims and chambray knits and linens with teal blue walls. The key here: More is more.

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Be Eclectic

colors that go with navy blue

Design: Blakely Interior Design, Photo: Robin Ivy

Even if you choose a classic shade of blue, you can still make the overall vibe of the room eclectic. Vibrant patterns, bold color accents, and statement lighting are a great place to start. In an essence, blue is your easy foundation to support eclectic, decorative accents. 

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Go Deep

colors that go with navy blue

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors

Play up different shades. Emphasize the contrast between light and dark by matching deep navy blue accents and a chambray rug with pale gray walls and simplistic accents.

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Color Outside the Lines

A bedroom with several indigo pieces

White Sands

As a primary color, there are very few colors with which blue clashes. Complement blue with splashes of bold accent colors like green on statement pillows and artwork.

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Think Neutral

A bedroom with indigo walls

Devon Grace Interiors

Although many might think that neutral colors are only black, gray, brown, and white, blue is perhaps the unsung hero of neutrals. Darker shades like sapphire and indigo mesh well with various browns, creams, and even blacks. (That's right, black and blue together are not a faux pas!)

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Keep It Simple

Bedroom with blue paint

Anthony Wilder Design/Build

Simplicity can be magical—especially if you easily feel claustrophobic by an overly crowded bedroom. Take all of the color and crowd out of the equation, minus sky blue. The paint color is known to be soothing and stress-relieving, so you can snooze without worry.

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Be Bright

A bedroom with indigo walls, blue linens, and a teal and purple blanket

Katie Martinez Design

On the polar-opposite side of neutral blue is a vibrant, colorful blue. For an energizing effect—rather than the calming effect soft blues bring—go for a bright blue color that inspires. This duvet cover adds a bright pop to the neutral indigo walls.

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Embrace Traditional Vibes

A bedroom with a large indigo nightstand

Becca Interiors

No other color matches blue quite as well as white. Get creative with your white and blue theme by incorporating patterns like stripes, and don't forget to add a touch of personality, like artwork or a bust statue.

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