20 Blue Front Door Ideas for an Inviting Entry

blue front doors

Pure Salt Interiors

Whether you currently have blue décor in or around your house, there's no denying the popular hue is super versatile. Blue can look bold and energetic, calm and serene, or moody and evocative, depending on the shade you go with. So whether your decorating style is beachy, classic, moderm, or farmhouse-chic, there's a tone that's sure to make you feel blue in the best possible way

And what better place to use your true blue than on your front door? Design an inviting entryway with a splash of blue on your door and create a curb appeal that can be seen from houses down. Ahead, 20 front doors that'll help you choose the best blue for you.

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Try Grey-ish Blue

blue doors

Design: Finding Lovely, Photo: Ruth Eileen Photography

This super soft robin's egg blue boasts gray undertones that pop against the white trim. A white floral wreath hung on the outside makes this pale blue shade look sophisticated and glam in a farmhouse way.

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Go Bold With Neon Teal

blue front doors

Design: Michelle Boudreau Design, Photo: Lance Gerber

Palm Springs is known for their midcentury-style homes and brightly colored doors. Bring the same vintage feel to your front door with a poppy shade of teal. Some palm trees and painted brick will help further set the desert vibe.

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Enhance With Shiny Navy

front door designs

Design: Aimee Anderson, Architect: Mary McKee, Photo: Sabrina Cole Quinn

When picking a color for your front door, the paint finish is equally as important. While most front doors look matte or semi-glossy, this high-shine navy door oozes glamour. The design details also make this entryway feel expensive.

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Go for a Soft Powder Blue

blue doors

White Sands Design

This bright, yet soft, tone of powder blue will give a cheery update to any front door. It adds tons of personality to your entryway, without looking too out of place on an all-white house.

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Brush With Baby Blue

blue front doors

Courtesy of Anne White Collard

This super light tinge of blue paired with an ikat print stair runner, rattan details, and blonde hardwood floors gives this entryway a cool coastal feel. And the best part is the open top is perfect for letting in the sea breeze.

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Color It Soft Blue-Green

blue front doors

Design: Finding Lovely, Photo: Ruth Eileen Photography

The chameleon of blue shades, this bluish green shade toggles between farmhouse, coastal, and classic. If you find yourself switching up your style with the seasons, this versatile color can be your saving grace.

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Stun With Dark Blue

blue front doors

Calimia Home

The Spanish-style bungalow is synonymous with white exteriors, black accents, and clay tiles. While normally, the door on this hacienda-style entryway would be black, we love how the deep navy works as a subtle update. It doesn't feel out of place, and also adds a little something extra.

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Keep It Classic With Deep Teal

blue front doors

White Sands Design

Proof that a single splash of color can change the look and feel of an entire home, this back house utilizes a deep shade of teal from the front door to the outdoor textiles around the yard to tie this exterior together.

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Paint It Preppy Blue

blue front doors

Design: Lisa Tharp, Photo: Read McKendree

The tone of this blue is a dead ringer for those in a fresh-cut hydrangea. The soft, muted colors in this entryway, along with the sophisticated molding, and pastel blue door feel unapologetically Connecticut preppy.

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Highlight With a Blue Accent

blue front doors

Arbor & Co.

While some may think blue doors are perfect for achromatic exterior color palettes, this bungalow is proof it can actually be an accent color. The forest green paired with this greenish-blue door looks cool and not the slightest bit overwhelming.

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Cover in Almost-Black Navy

blue front doors

Bespoke Only

The view from the foyer of this navy blue door is almost as good as the view from the curb. We love how it pairs perfectly with the original tile in this entryway. We can't help but feel all the art-deco vibes with that print and this color scheme.

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Call It Coastal Blue

blue front doors

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Lane Dittoe

Blue is most commonly used in coastal décor and this home is the perfect example of the style. The bright white exterior shiplap siding is the perfect pairing to this ocean-inspired deep greyish blue door.

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Keep It Classic Navy

blue front doors

Christina Kim Interior Design

Perfect for an Americana feel, this deep navy door paired with wood shingle siding and white trim screams all-American classic. The patriotic addition out front ties the entire look together.

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Or Try a More Rustic Teal

blue front doors

Design: Brooke Wagner Design, Photo: Ryan Garvin

The greenish-blue tint on this Dutch door is the perfect color to let the greenery from the garden in. This entryway boasts a rustic Tuscan feel with the help of Roman shades, reclaimed wood pieces, and raw pottery filled with sprigs of green.

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Bold and Bright Blue

blue front doors

Courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn

A blue door is the perfect addition to a simple white and black exterior color palette. This bright shade of teal gives this already-beautiful home a boost of serious curb appeal. If your home is lacking a little something, run and grab yourself a can of bright blue exterior paint for that front door.

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Paint It Pastel

blue front door

Anne Sage

We love the tone of this pastel blue door, but we can't stop looking at that adorable "hello" sticker. This is an inviting entryway if we've ever seen one.

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Tried and True Blue

blue front doors

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Kyle Monk

A coat of blue paint isn't always enough to create a stunning design. The style of door you go with is just as important. This Dutch door with a wide window on the top looks like a million bucks in blue.

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Incorporate Vintage Feel

blue front doors

Courtesy of Simpson Door Companny

If you're working with an original door from an older home, a fresh coat of teal can modernize your entryway without making it look out of place. This door looks updated, but still feels at home with the original window to the left.

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Pretty in Pale Blue

blue front doors

Pure Salt Interiors

If you have a larger door that extends with windows on both sides, paint the whole thing in a pale blue shade and see how it transforms your entryway. Complemented by a blue tile on the water fountain right out front, this entire area is the perfect welcome to guests, friends and family alike. A couple potted plants on either side of the door, and you have yourself a beautiful entryway.