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20 Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Inspire Your Remodel

Navy and white kitchen

Charlie Coull Design

Blue is suited best for bathrooms, guest bedrooms, nurseries, cabinets? That would be a whole-hearted yes. While you may be tempted to play it safe with plain oak Shaker cupboards or select trendy, but unassuming open shelves, shades of cobalt, navy, and azure may be the pick-me-up your cooking space needs.

Blue makes it easy for even the most astute color minimalists to see its appeal of and it can work wonders for cookie cutter kitchens or areas that are feeling dull. Of course, like with any hue, there are nearly just as many ways you can incorporate it into your space as there are shades of the color. Tastemakers and those with a penchant for all-things bold will appreciate layers of floor-to-ceiling color, but if you're a little more non-committal when it comes to adding a splash of cornflower blue, try working it in to just your island for a pop that won't feel overbearing.

Excited? Peruse following ideas will make you rethink the can of white paint you have on standby and fall deep for blue.

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Try Colorblocking

Blue and wood kitchen

Naked Kitchens

White, wood, and blue make up this gorgeous kitchen, providing an almost colorblocked appearance, thanks to the wood paneling on a white waterfall island and a chunk of blue cabinetry behind it. Those colors and materials stay front and center and make for an inimitable statement.

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Go With Blue Lowers

Blue lower cabinets

Julia Robbs

To avoid feeling like you're closing in a space—something deep colors tend to be associated with—opt for adding blue to your lower cabinets. Then, either keep things lighter up top or try out open shelving like seen in this stunning, light-soaked kitchen.

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Bring on the Maximalism

Blue cabinets and black and white tile

Erin Williamson

If color is your mantra, don't be scared to go all out with blue cabinets in your kitchen. The checkered flooring and wood touches certainly could be labeled as maximalism, but the final result is undeniably chic and has an ever-so-slight farmhouse tinge to it.

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Add a Bit of Leather

Blue cabinets and leather pulls

Naked Kitchens

Blue itself makes a major statement, but if you'd like to take it up a notch, look no further than leather pulls. Although the material is gorgeous alone, they amplify the space even further by picking up the colors in the wood countertops, which gives the space more warmth—a unique concept especially when working with blue.

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Go Light and Airy

Light blue cabinets

Naked Kitchens

Blue comes in a myriad of colors, and you most certainly aren't chained to navy or cobalt in your kitchen. The reason why these light blue cabinets are stylistically helpful is two-fold. They're a prime example of how you can lighten up a space with a color that's usually linked to depth and drama. But the sky-toned cupboards that go from floor to ceiling also help breakup what could've been potentially sterile white space.

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Mix Black and Blue

Slate blue, black, and white

House of Sprucing

Black and blue can play seamlessly off one another, and with enough white space to lift up the colors it'll never feel bogged down. It's worth noting items like the clear pendants, white ceilings, and marble countertops with barely-there veins, which all help the space feel continuous and lifted.

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Blend Blue and Wood Tones

Blue and wood kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Scandi-chic is usually synonymous with the world's lightest colors. But this kitchen and its stunning blue cabinets dance to a different tune when it comes to representing that Nordic or Danish twist. The blue and wood serve as a high contrast color palette without needing to resort to the eternally classic (but often overdone) black and white, and the powerful, rounded edges and clean lines bring it back to a very hygge-friendly space.

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Go With Farmhouse Blue

Blue drawers

Naked Kitchens

Ah, beadboard and blue: an ideal combination for a home working to embody that twee farmhouse appeal. Although it's a cooler hue, the sole fact that it's a color in a very muted space makes the whole kitchen feel cozier and more personal. In a way, too, the shade is reminiscent of antiques and old worldly trinkets—a perfect accompaniment.

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Add Some Moodiness

Blue lower cabinets

Light & Dwell

Embrace the moodiness of blue and don't be afraid of mixing it with other dark shades like black. If you're wary of making a space feel too heavy, select open shelving and white walls to flawlessly pull off this look and keep things feeling harmonious.

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Use Blue as a Neutral

Blue and white kitchen

Naked Kitchens

When considering a quiet color palette, the first hues to pop into your head probably gravitate around beige, gray, white, and taupe. But as you'll notice in this kitchen, these blue cabinets almost serve as a neutral themselves. The blue is clouded with gray, making it work beautifully in the same way a charcoal or black would in a minimalist space.

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Play With Blue and Brown

Blue and brown kitchen

Cathie Hong Interiors

Of the more rare combos seen these days lies brown and blue. This is a shame, especially after taking in a space like this that radiates style thanks to the blend of these two darker shades. Along with the color palette, sea foam tiles and '70s-inspired hanging lamps over the bar make for a space that's easy to sit back and admire.

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Try Complementary Colors

Blue island in kitchen

Sarah Fultz Interiors

To really make those blues pop, it doesn't get more powerful than pairing it with its complementary counterpart—orange. This doesn't necessarily mean blending tangerine with cobalt (though if that's your thing, do it!), but instead choose subtler shades, like navy mixed with the orange undertones of leather, to achieve this visually-pleasing contrast.

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Go With Groovy Wooden Cabinets

Blue wood island

Erin Williamson Design

Go beyond paint and consider things like tints, stains, or simply a thinner coat of lacquer to let wood grains and other materials shine through. In this kitchen, a blue wooden base of cabinets injects the space with a groovy near-'70s vibe, which is only further perpetuated by the patterned wall and pendant light.

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Add a Navy Finish

Navy and white kitchen

Charlie Coull Design

There's something so nautical about silver and blue. And when used correctly, it never feels kitschy, but rather it easily assumes the title of "coastal chic." Aside from the flattering navy blue, details like the white tile backsplash—that's almost shell-like—gives the eye a bit of texture to look over and modernizes the idea of a sea-inspired space.

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Bring a Pop of Drama

Blue and white kitchen

House of Hanes

For a house that's ultra airy, and bright, a bold shade slathered on the cabinets is a surefire way to make it stand out. While this pop of blue is definitely a bit of a (welcome) surprise, it serves as a grounding color, too, especially in a space that's nearly all-white.

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Show Off a Metallic Highlight

Blue and gray kitchen

House Nine

Silvery grays, chrome appliances, black paint, and brassy fixtures don't feel nearly as steely thanks to the infusion of blue in the form of an island. Without any saturated hues, a space can feel more industrial, but this kick of denim blue makes it feel lived-in but high-end.

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Add a Matching Breakfast Nook

Blue breakfast nook

Jessica Nelson Design

Don't leave the rest of your cooking space hanging in the color department. Keep the paint coming all the way into breakfast nooks, eat-ins, and other small spaces surrounding your kitchen. It'll make it feel utterly cohesive and give a burst of color to areas that usually may be second thoughts.

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Pay Homage to Happy Hour

Navy blue bar

Design: Katie Hodges Design; Photo: Amy Bartlam

Your favorite upscale haunt will have nothing on your own swanky at-home bar if you opt for a blue color palette. Case in point? This set of cabinets is so much more sophisticated thanks to their coat of navy paint. Mix in woven bar chairs, chic pendant lighting, and a top-notch selection of tipple and you're set for having happy hour at home.

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Go Ultra Modern

Modern kitchen

Latham Interiors

Maybe blue reminds you a little too much of beach houses or traditional-style kitchens. If so, take a page out of this space's book. Sleek, sharp, and far from coastal, it's proof that blue can hold its own on cabinets for those building out a modern space, too.

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Bring in a Colorful Display

Blue cupboards

Naked Kitchens

The finish of this woodworking and the particular shade of blue it's coated in give this kitchen a slight European cottage vibe. With the addition of glass-paneled cabinets and intricate silver pulls, you have yourself the feeling of a modern Danish abode without needing to set foot on a plane.