The Inexpensive Hack for a Better Night's Sleep

Updated 03/15/18
soraa light bulb

It's no secret that staying plugged in to your devices until the wee hours of the night does harm to your beauty sleep thanks to the blue light being emitted. But what if we told you the lights in your bedroom could be obstructing your restful slumber too? Most of the bulbs on the market today also produce blue light, so unless you're winding down for your bedtime routine in the dark, they're going to have an effect on your body. That's why we're so excited that Soraa's Healthy light bulbs are now available for your home.

Keep scrolling to read up on how you're just a few light-bulb screws away from a better night's sleep.

Soraa Healthy is the only "zero blue" LED light bulb on the market, meaning it doesn't emit any of the melatonin-inhibiting invisible blue light that other bulbs do. Instead, the bulbs produce a soft white light for optimal preparation for a good night's sleep.

When it comes to a chance at a better night's sleep, you name it and we'll try it. This holds especially true when said hack involves a one-and-done fix. The Soraa Healthy light bulbs not only have a soft white light, with no blue, but they're also dimmable. That means you can lower the brightness in your bedroom in stages if you so desire. We're getting really fancy here.

Soraa's Healthy light bulbs come in a handy size just right for lamps and will be available in a recessed light size soon. That means we'll be swapping them out in our nightstand lamps as well as our ceiling lights (we're not taking any chances here). You can buy them directly from their site,

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