A Designer's Guide to the Prettiest Blue Paint Colors for Every Mood and Style

Updated 03/27/18

It's no secret that color can transform a room. As such, committing to a paint color for your own space can be a bit daunting. To help you streamline the process with some guidance from the pros, we reached out to Jamie Davis, the designer and co-founder of Portola Paint, with one mission in mind: finding the best blue paint colors for every mood and style. From neutral, soft shades to bold statement hues, blue has endless range. And as Davis says, "The only 'no-no' is being afraid of color and not following your heart." So read on to get inspired with the best blue paint colors for any style and energy you're trying to capture at home.

Best Neutral Paint Colors
Fiona Lynch

For a calm and tranquil vibe: Think super-pale, "light blue with subtle gray and neutral undertones," advises Davis. Then introduce some soft grays, whites, pinks, and reds, as exemplified in the impeccably designed living room nook above. The natural, casual materials of the coffee table and the organic, soft shape of the chair and ottoman contrast nicely with the slick metallic accents, bold photography, and unique, whimsical wall art.

Best Blue Grey Paint Color

For a similar effect: Portola Paints Revere is the ideal shade of gray if you're looking for something transitional and timeless to last throughout the years. You can play up the undertones of blue or swap in greens. We also see this looking gorgeous with some chocolate brown pieces.

Blue Paint Colors
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

For a touch of whimsy: Consider a periwinkle shade of blue to buoy you (and the rest of the room) up. Keep things cool with other shades of blues, grays, and whites, or warm things up with burnt orange, bronze, warm brown wood, and sharp shades of black. This will give your space a fresh take on traditional décor.

Best Bright Blue Paint Color

For a similar effect: Portola Paints Illusion will always put some pep in a room's step. We think it'd be especially adorable in a nursery.

Best Blue Paint Colors
Brett Mickan Interior Design

For a pop of energy: Davis suggests going with a "rich jewel tone." We love how the pale pistachio green hue balances out the drama of the depth achieved by the jewel town and the other glam elements of this bar space. And though it's perfect for a swanky bar area, you could also try it with the kitchen cabinets or in the dining room for a formal effect. 

Coolest Paint Colors

For a similar effect: Opt for Kimono. This shade of "blue will make you feel like you're on vacation every day," says Davis. 

Light Blue Paint Combinations
JH Interior Design

For unexpected cheer: Try a light shade of blue with undertones of green for an energizing and happy atmosphere. This dining room is unexpectedly fun and bright thanks to the accent walls, yet the traditional elements of the space keep things feeling grown up and refined. 

Light Blue Paint Colors

For a similar effect: Portola Paints Sharkskin will get the job done. Davis explains that "on the swatch, as the name suggests, this color appears to read quite gray, but when you get it up in a light-filled space, the playfulness really shines!" 

Best Blue Paints
Catherine Kwong Design

For a sweet vibe: You can't go wrong with a softer, moodier sky blue. It's great for kitchen cabinets and smaller powder rooms, thanks to the sweet, calming effect. Layer in another shade of blue trimmings, and then bring in more dimension with tiled flooring. We also love how the pendant light in this room introduces a touch of modern luxury. 

Blue Grey Paints

For a similar effect: This soft sky blue will look beautiful in city spaces and country homes, but Davis says it's particularly "perfect for your beach house" or anywhere channeling the coast.

Blue Wall Paint Colors
Fantastic Frank

For a moodier edge: Opt for a "rich blue with an elegant earthiness," but keep things fresh-feeling by only painting an accent wall and introducing some peachy details, like those drapes in the back. The earthy undertones will ground the entire room and allow you to mix in some warmer hues instead of having to stick with a cool palette. 

Green Blue Paint Colors

For a similar effect: Portola Paints Wellfeet is perfect when searching for a blue paint with "green, gray, and neutral undertones," which make "this dynamic color a great choice for kitchen cabinets." Or try it in the bedroom like the example above and pair it with raw wood.

Best Blue Paint for Kitchens
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

For a refined pop: A rich navy tone has a classic, timeless appearance that's "great for a library or romantic dining and living room" areas, muses Davis. And "when pairing with deep navy tones, I like to bring in warm shades of sand or medium-to-light grays instead of bright white to soften the contrast." 

Navy Blue Paint Ideas

For a similar effect: Portola Paints Newton's Indigo "is the deeper version" of classic navy tones, ideal for a dramatic accent. 

Blue Wall Paint Combinations
Catherine Kwong Design

For a surge of energy: Your best bet is opting for a splash of cobalt blue. It really does wake everything up. Bring in some contrast with mustard yellow pieces, crisp white accents, and bold geometric prints.  

Cobalt Blue Paint Ideas

For a similar effect: Portola Paints Cobalt is the obvious choice when you're digging the cobalt look, of course. With a bucket of this shade in tow, you'll be channeling Santorini, Greece, in no time. 

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