Meet the Unexpected New App Making Waves in Online Dating

There has probably never been a more interesting time to be single and into online dating. There’s literally an app dedicated to every type of person. Traveling the world but still hoping to date? There’s a dating app for you. Want to be empowered and make the first move as a female? There’s a dating app for you. Super into taking selfies? There’s a dating app for you. That’s right: The latest dating app we’ve got our hands on is called Blume—and it’s making waves with the millennial set. Dubbed the “honest dating app,” Blume is where you meet people through selfies.

Here’s how it works: The main screen shows people near you. Once two people have liked each other, they are connected. This is where the selfies come in. The only way you can communicate with the prospective match is by sending a selfie—text can be added. In order to chat, both parties have to send a selfie. You have seven seconds to reject or like the person’s selfie. Once you like the selfie, you can chat like you would in any other dating app. Think of it like Snapchat, but for meeting people and potentially dating.

The crazy thing about Blume is that all the selfies must be taken in the moment. You’re not allowed to use a photo taken previously, and sending a screenshot will get you banned for a certain amount of time. Currently, Blume has 25,000 users, but it’s growing at a fast rate. Unfortunately, the majority of users are in the 18-to-24 age range, so my 34-year-old single self hasn’t had much luck yet, but I’m holding out hope.

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Are you interested in trying out Blume, the selfie-centric dating app?