Bobby Berk Just Launched His First Furniture Line, and it's as Stylish as You Would Expect

bobby berk

A.R.T Home Furnishings

Each episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye results in the same chorus of desires: We want Jonathan Van Ness to be our best friend. We want Antoni Porowski to cook us dinner. And we want Bobby Berk to redesign every single room in our homes. (Don’t get it twisted—we also want to spend the day with Karamo Brown, and to get Tan France to refresh our entire wardrobes, too.)

Achieving any of these—shall we say—life goals is near-impossible, unless you manage to score nominations for the next season of Queer Eye. But one of them has recently been made more attainable, thanks to A.R.T. Furniture, a home furnishings store. 

A.R.T. Furniture and Bobby Berk
(Queer Eye’s design guru, for those of you who don’t watch the show) recently collaborated on a home line, available online at All Modern, that’s full of veritably covetable finds. Dining tables that make the most of trendy terrazzo and timeless natural wood. Graphite-stained bar cabinets with whimsical woven cane detailing. The most stunning chest of drawers we’ve ever laid eyes on. Every piece is sleek, elegant, and a little bit modern—exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to find in a Berk-designed home. 

Of course, one of the perks of Queer Eye is that you can get Berk to redo your entire home for free. Unfortunately, that delightful rule of thumb won’t apply here—since life isn’t quite a reality TV show (for better or worse). With furniture starting at $400, the collection doesn't come cheap. But you can rest assured knowing these are investment pieces—high-quality classics you’ll rely on for years to come. 

There is a silver lining to having to buy everything yourself, though: You get to decide how much of the collection to stock up on. You can opt for an all-Bobby-everything house, or you can blend some of Berk’s signature aesthetic with your own—creating a home that’s chic, interesting, and decidedly you. Though you may want to act fast, some items are already selling out.

arm chair
Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Jens Chair $650

Finding a reliable arm chair is easier said than done. This contemporary option makes full use of vegan leather and sleek Linseed wood, and it’s sure to fit seamlessly into any room in your house.

black coffee table
Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Nils Cocktail Table $1250

Admit it—this cocktail table is more sophisticated than you are. (Really, it’s more sophisticated than all of us.) Store your most aesthetic wares on the top, and tuck your slightly-less-chic products into the table’s opening. They’ll still be on display—just in a less obvious way.

Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Jonsi Mirror $650

Putting a plated brass panel on a circular mirror is a bold move. But it’s a bold move Berk pulls off effortlessly with his A.R.T. Furniture collaboration.

chest of drawers
Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Brekke Drawer Chest $1450

The geometric parquetry renders this versatile chest of drawers an absolute statement piece. This must-have is as likely to steal the show in your bedroom as it is to store your things. (And we suspect it’s excellent at storing things.)

Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Bryde Side Chair $1200

Slide this comfy classic into your reading nook, or make it a mainstay in your dining room. A chair this versatile—and this plush—is worth putting everywhere, if you ask us.

black nightstand
Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Lehn Nightstand $1050

Nightstands are often afterthoughts, but this piece proves they can be statement-makers if you give them the chance to be. Looking for the perfect thing to complement your bold, elegant bed? You might’ve just found it.

cocktail table
Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Arne Cocktail Table $1250

It’s rare to find furniture that’s equal parts fun and versatile, but this charming cocktail table is just that. Throw it over a maximalist statement rug, or keep things pared down—either way, your space is sure to look incredibly chic.

sectional sofa
Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Upholstered Bi-Sectional Sofa $4549

L-shaped sofas are a no-fail addition to any living room. And this luxurious couch offers a hyper-sleek, hyper-modern setting for snuggling up.

vanity desk
Bobby Berk by A.R.T. Furniture Anja Vanity Desk $1450

A desk that doubles as a vanity? Yes, please. Efficiency is hard to resist—especially when it looks this good.

bar cabinet
Bobby Berk for A.R.T. Furniture Bauer Bar Cabinet $1800

Can’t you just imagine filling this bar cabinet with stunning glassware and lining the top of it with equally stunning plants? We know—we’re getting ahead of ourselves. But it’s just so pretty.

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