The Top Lesson Bobby Berk Learned From Queer Eye Has Nothing to Do With Décor


Alex Generales

Filming episode three of Netflix's Queer Eye was the most challenging for Bobby Berk, the show's resident interior design expert—but not because it was a difficult makeover project. "When we arrived at Corey's house … we were very apprehensive," he tells MyDomaine. "There was a Trump sign in the yard and bible verses all over the walls. We all wondered, how is this going to turn out?"

Berk, 36, has been married to his husband, Dewey, for 12 years and says filming the show has been an eye-opening experience. "We went into the episode in Georgia with our walls up … but within the very first day after talking to Corey, [it changed]," he says. "We realized this guy might have voted a certain way, but he is no different to us. It's funny because now, a week doesn't go by when I don't talk to Corey."

Bridging the social divide is a common thread that makes Queer Eye so much more than a makeover show—and perhaps one of the reasons it has been met with such support and praise. "There's more to the 2018 version than gay-straight dynamics (hence no 'for the Straight Guy' in the title)," The New York Times points out. "In a way, the new Queer Eye is about the old Queer Eye and its incidental real-world effects—bringing a marginalized community into the mainstream, educating the straight world and providing models for LGBTQ people, including some members of the present cast," Los Angeles Times adds.