Bobby Berk Shares Must-Try Home and Backyard Trends for Summer

Beautiful living room with coastal desert feel.

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There is nothing more exciting than the start of summer—longer days, more time spent in nature, and a fresh season to embrace all things summer decorating. There are undeniable trends this year to keep up with for our indoor and outdoor spaces, and who better to report on them than an expert designer?

Yelp delivered just that, tapping lauded interior designer, Bobby Berk, for his take on all things trending for the summer season. Naturally, we had to get his take as well on the latest in summer trends.

"I think people have realized the importance of their homes, and the experience of living and really enjoying a space, now more than ever," Berk shares with MyDomaine.

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Last December, Yelp experts predicted the boom in home renovations and restorations would concede, slowly refocusing instead on interior design and aesthetics—and they were spot-on. Yelp saw a spike in searches for interior designers up 212% in April 2022 compared to April 2021. Homeowners are putting down their tools, and instead are opting for interior designers to help make aesthetic updates to their homes.

"Bringing in a designer will ensure you are connected to all the product offerings available and create a home that really works for you, both functionally and aesthetically," Berk explains.

Below, Berk is dishing the latest in all things indoor and outdoor trends for the summer season, from an uptick in groovy '70s-inspired motifs to eco-conscious living accessible to all.

Meet the Expert

Bobby Berk is a famed interior designer and resident design expert on the hit Netflix series, Queer Eye. In addition to his TV work, Bobby leads his eponymous multi-faceted brand, including the comprehensive lifestyle destination

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Backyard Overhaul

Gorgeous desert backyard with palm trees and wooden outdoor furniture.

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It's no surprise that Yelp predicts a boom in backyard overhauls this summer. Backyard updates are top of mind, and Yelp users are looking for everything from botanists and gardeners, up 22% in April 2022 compared to April 2021, to vinyl-lined pool installation, up 99% from last year.

Berk shares with us some of his tips for summer decorating outdoors.

"For summer, I like to add in lots of lighter colors and natural textures that really make it feel like the season," Berk shares. "Lightweight linen throws, woven baskets, and always lots of plants and greenery, too. And of course, a woodsy scented candle is a must for me. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation, even when I’m in a Zoom meeting."

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Glass Touches

Gorgeous bedroom with skylight and large windows.

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Glass touches, like skylights, saw a 24% spike on Yelp in April, as decorators look to brighten up their homes, let the light in, and connect with their exteriors.

"Skylights have come a long way over the last 20 years," Berk shares with Yelp. "Not only can they pour natural light into a room that was once dark and sad, they now are solar-powered, have built-in shades to diffuse light, and can remotely open and close to allow air in and out."

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Resurgence of '70s Design

Neutral bedroom with groovy floral wallpaper.

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What's old is new, especially when it comes to design. We've seen this take shape with the resurgence of Regency and Victorian-inspired design, '60s-inspired mid-century modern design, and most recently, nods to groovy '70s design. Yelp sees the disco decade gaining popularity, as searches for '70s and 1970s design increased by 72% in March.

"I’m loving all the fun geometric patterns and more sculptural shapes I’ve been seeing lately," Berk shares with us. "From planters to pillows to outdoor serving pieces, there is definitely a shift toward playful designs and '70s-inspired pieces."

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Outdoor Lighting

Staircase outdoors with string lights hanging overhead.

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A beautiful backyard paradise is great during the day, but when the sun goes down, make the space even more special with the addition of some great lighting. Yelp reports that searches for outdoor lighting increased by 30% in February 2022 compared to February 2021, likely due to decorators looking to spruce up their backyards before the spring/summer season.

"I’ve been using solar lights for years now, and not only are they an easy installation, but they don’t require any power, which means that you can add them virtually anywhere," Berk tells Yelp.

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Eco-Friendly Design Choices

Indoor/outdoor kitchen with dark and light wood cabinets.

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Design is going green—Yelp also saw large increases in searches this year for electric vehicle charging station installations (up 78%) and professionals who can help with solar panel installation for a cleaner source of energy.

"Another eco-friendly upgrade I think many people overlook is window glazing, which increases energy efficiency by reinforcing doors and windows," Berk shares. "You can even be more eco-conscious when choosing home furnishings."

Berk's newest collection of rugs with Karastan features a number of designs that are actually made from recycled water bottles.

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Accent Walls

Neutral bedroom with wood accent wall

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When you think "accent walls," you don't have to immediately picture a bright red feature wall in an otherwise neutral space. Accent walls can be just that—a way to accentuate what vibe your room is already outputting, as proved above. The neutral, wooden accent wall provides a beautiful, textural backdrop for the black accents in the space.

Yelp reports that searches for accent walls increased by 65% from January through April, proving that decorators are on-board with the classic design trend.