This Is the Best State to Raise a Daughter In, According to Instagram

While social media often inspires conversations that are better left to tabloid magazines, constructive social movements like Black Lives Matter and Bring Back Our Girls have taken root on popular social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Many women have turned to the latter to express self-love and body acceptance, sentiments that contribute to a larger "body positivity movement" connecting women of all ages.

A state-by-state analysis of over 85,000 Instagram posts provides some interesting insights into which states are the most evolved in terms of body acceptance and beauty standards. Topping the list is Oregon, with 133 body-positive Instagram posts per 100,000 residents. Utah, Nevada, New York, and California place second through fifth, respectively, while North Dakota, West Virginia, Iowa, Montana, and New Mexico claim the last five spots.

Aside from social statistics, this analysis also includes some enlightening advice for parents of daughters. As nearly every woman on the planet can attest, growing up in a world with such rigid standards of beauty can weigh heavily on a young girl's self-image. Can you imagine what your middle school experience would have been like if you lived in a more accepting, inclusive state? While hashtags alone cannot keep the bullies at bay, raising young girls in a more accepting environment can help raise confident, empowered young women of all shapes and sizes.

Would you consider raising your daughter in one of these five states? Share your thoughts below and shop this book on raising confident, courageous young women.