Women Are Freaking Out Over This New Pad Advertisement

Traditional pad and tampon advertisements have inextricably linked the experience of shedding your uterine lining once a month to swirling floral imagery, avoiding bodies of water, and a lot of tennis playing. Not only is this bizarre interpretation of a monthly menstrual cycle rigidly feminine, it's also objectively difficult to relate to. Enter this new advertisement from London agency AMV BBDO for Bodyform's Red.fit campaign

The campaign seeks to educate women on their menstrual cycle, breaking it down into four phases to better help women take control and stay active. In the commercial, we see women boxing and getting hit; running, falling, and getting back up; and practicing ballet, revealing their bleeding feet. The spilled blood and wounds are displayed in fierce, active, and strong imagery, making the correlation that bleeding during your period is also natural and shouldn't take you out of the game. 

The ad spot manages to depict more strength and ferocity in women in just under one minute than all other pad and tampon advertisements combined. Watch the video below and let us know what you think about its message. And, if this reminded you to restock, try this tampon delivery service ($18).   

Opening image credit: Madelyn Rose Photography