This Cool '70s Bedroom Style Is Making a Major Comeback

The point of a bedroom is to have a private space you can fully be yourself in, whether you're catching up on Netflix, sleeping, or doing something you'd only ever do alone behind closed doors. And if there's one design trend that inspires grounded, authentic living while still appearing polished and stylish, it's boho chic. It must be the warm materials, nature-inspired colors, and free-spirited aesthetic—and we found eight bohemian bedrooms that prove it. 

To learn how to style your bedroom in true bohemian fashion without looking overly trendy, check out the styling tips and inspiring visual examples below. Ready, set, make like a free spirit with looser linens, nature-inspired everything, and eclectic touches


Boho Chic Bedrooms
JH Interior Design

Though there isn't a ton of color in this bedroom, the rich use of materials creates an intriguing texturescape. We love the floor-to-ceiling wood paneling and bedframe, which also functions to separate sections of the room for more privacy. The tall decorative wooden podiums also elongate the space. To soften things up, opt for casual throw pillows and blankets. 

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South Western Design
@amybartlam ; DESIGN: @dlrhein

Low-to-the-ground furniture is a Bohemian staple. In the bedroom, this can be mean forgoing a bedframe altogether, or it can mean choosing something that sits a little closer to the floor and doesn't have a high headboard or anything. And while this may sound a little undone, it's far from sloppy. To keep things polished, choose a crisp paint color, install contemporary light fixtures, and stick with just a few pieces of décor to minimize clutter. 



Eclectic Bedrooms
@amybartlam ; DESIGN: @katiehodgesdesign

Having fun and being yourself is part of the beauty of boho chic design. Who says you have to stick to one tight color scheme and only throw in one pattern? Lean into the eclectic look. The key is to choose bolder decorative pieces and linens that are easier to swap out down the line if they start feeling stale or inconsistent. Moral of the story: Don't be afraid of clashing—you can always streamline things later. 

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Bohemian Bedroom Ideas
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Keeping indoor plants in a bedroom of any style is a good idea, but it's essential in a boho space. Greenery will bring that sense of joie de vivre to life, literally. Plants are also a nice way to make the bedroom more inviting an unpretentious, which is key for anyone trying to create a laid-back and boho oasis. We love how this bedroom features a sophisticated geometric side table to give it an edge. It's a lovely juxtaposition against the plush linens and coastal-inspired bedframe.


White Bohemian Bedrooms

Say it with us: Layer, layer, layer, and then layer some more. When you think you've layered in enough plush linens, textiles, and rugs, keep going. The key to making sure it doesn't turn into something too over the top is choosing neutral colors and opting for higher-quality fabrics (the whole point is to be cozy and comfortable anyway, not itchy and lint-covered). We love how this bohemian bedroom is working with creams and chocolate browns rather than the typical black-and-white palate, which can sometimes appear too starkly contrasted.


Bohemian Décor
JH Interior Design

No two bohemian bedrooms are made alike. Depending on your personal preferences, you can find inspiration in Southern California beachy design, or opt for something more Spanish Colonial with midcentury touches. The gorgeous bedroom above when with the latter. We love how the inky-hued four-poster bedframe elevates the caramel brown touches and pops of color. The modern geometric light fixtures throughout also add a polished air. 


Modern Bohemian Bedrooms
Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you love the idea of letting loose and want to curate a bohemian bedroom but you're also drawn to more elegant and streamlined pieces as well as retro-inspired designs, who says you can't have it all? The bedroom above proves you can. Opt for a plush Moroccan rug and a complementary wall-hanging to get the boho vibes. And then introduce more elegant and luxe pieces, like a built-in velvet headboard and nightstand. 

woven wall decor
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Bohemian Bedrooms
Commune Design

We love how pared down and simple this bohemian bedroom is. In true boho fashion, it isn't trying too hard, and as a result, it's bursting with personality and character that feels lived-in and natural. To bring it a more contemporary design realm, try hanging a large-scale photograph that introduces a tough yet consistent edge to the space. 

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