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20 Bohemian-Chic Décor Ideas to Warm Up Your Space

Calm and soothing bedroom with touches of boho

Amy Bartlam

Boho décor is idyllic when you're standing barefoot on a beach in Tulum, just a stone's throw away from a beach bar filled with hammocks, woven furniture, and an entire jungle's worth of plants. In practicality though, full-blown bohemian style doesn't always lend itself to city apartments or family homes, so how do you get that carefree vibe while still creating an elevated and elegant space that fits the needs of your busy life or your growing family? 

The key is striking the right balance between modern and bohemian—enter bohemian chic. A far cry from the more messy-looking bohemian spaces, this chic look effortlessly blends the coveted laid-back style in a convenient modern setting. If you're looking to get a similar look in your own home, keep reading as we break down how to master bohemian chic decor with these 20 tips.

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Lighten Up

Boho chic living room with a light color palette

Amy Bartlam

Boho interiors are known for their bright and airy vibes. Embrace a light color palette focused on neutrals to get the look, but keep things grounded with a few heavier materials like industrial metal, dark-toned wood, and thick canvas printed with classic patterns.

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Balance Furniture Styles

A modern bright living room with boho touches

Reena Sotropa

When balancing styles, consider furniture carefully. Leather, light-colored wood, and jewel-toned fabrics tend to skew more boho while clean lines, darker wood, and traditional fabric like linen or cotton in muted colors will feel more modern. Mix and match pieces to strike the right balance.

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Layer in Vintage Pieces

Modern boho chic hallway with a styled cabinet, vintage chair, and Turkish rug

Amy Bartlam

If you feel like your space lacks depth or could use a little more personality, layer in vintage pieces to add some character. The balance between modern and vintage will give a chic, eclectic feel that you can't fake. For a boho vibe, look for furniture and decor in natural materials and light colors.

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Embrace Patina

Boho chic bedroom with rattan side table and aged wood stool

Amy Bartlam

Give new life to well-loved furniture that already has charismatic patina—weathered wood, worn leather, and aged metal come to mind. Embrace the character as its own design element and you won't have to worry about dings or scratches. Style these pieces with more modern decor and a touch of green for a chic yet boho look.

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Play With Texture

Moody boho chic corner reading nook with woven elements

Bespoke Only

Bohemian style is all about mixing texture. Incorporate splashes through textured rugs and handmade fabrics like shibori, suzani, Mexican, African mud cloth, wax cloth, and cactus silk. Embellishments including tribal motifs, fringe, and tassels add another layer of texture. Contrast with sleek modern elements to keep things balanced and chic.

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Get Inspired by Global Eclecticism

Boho chic entryway styled with woven elements and cultural decor

K Shan Design

Embrace cultures from all around the world by incorporating elements and mementos into your design. Don't be afraid to mix and match pieces from different cultures, but before you commit to specific items, spend some time educating yourself on their cultural significance and what they might mean to you, too.

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Incorporate Art

Boho chic bedroom with rattan and can furniture and a woven wall hanging

K Shan Design

One of the easiest ways to bring boho flair to your space is through artwork. Macrame hangings, weavings, and tapestries are all textural elements traditionally found in boho interiors that can exude an ultra-chic feel. Other ideas include baskets, bowls, garlands, and framed prints.

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Outfit the Floor

Vintage Middle Eastern rug in a modern kitchen

Desiree Burns Interiors

Speaking of texture, don't forget about finding the right rug for your space. This will be entirely dependent on your personal taste, but some popular bohemian-feel rug styles include vintage Persian, Morrocan, tribal, Southwestern, and natural material rugs like jute and sisal.

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Hang the Right Curtains

Modern boho living space with light furniture and airy curtains

Earthen Co Interiors

Curtains have the power to totally transform a space. For an extra bohemian touch, go with light and flowy sheers. If you've maxed out on boho and need an element of sophistication, consider curtains with clean lines in a heavier draping fabric, like linen, or opt for roman shades.

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Create Luxurious Layers

Boho chic living room overflowing with plants and cozy layers

Black & Blooms

Pile on plenty of cozy layers to capture the inviting, effortless look that boho interiors have without fail. Utilize throw pillows, blankets, poufs, and layered rugs to get the look. Don't neglect the floor if you want to encourage sitting on the ground in true bohemian fashion.

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Lie Low

Chic boho living room with low furniture and floor pillows

Black & Blooms

Encourage conversation by emulating a classic conversation pit with low-slung furniture such as deep sofas and daybeds, and a lower-height coffee table or ottoman to pair. Select fabrics in light colors to keep the room from feeling too sunken.

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Bring in Natural Materials

Modern boho chic living room with natural accents

Bespoke Only

Incorporating natural and sustainable elements throughout your space in both furniture and decor will add an instant boho vibe. Rattan, cane, and bamboo are durable, earth-friendly furniture materials, while woven and wooden decor will add that extra natural touch.

Keep these natural elements spread out and balanced with more modern pieces to prevent things from leaning too casual.

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Dial Down the Color

Calm and soothing bedroom with touches of boho

Amy Bartlam

Boho style often showcases bright and bold saturated colors for a welcoming feel. To keep things chic and elevated, stick to a warm, earthy palette inspired by nature and more muted tones of your favorite bright colors.

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Tile With Abandon

Decoratively tiled fireplace surround in a boho chic living room

Jenn Pablo Studio

Bring in a global flair with tiled elements such as fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and showers. Opt for handmade artisan tiles like zellige tile for an additional textural element, or go with a more decorative motif tile to create a focal point.

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Style Wisely

Boho chic bedroom with a styled light wood dresser

Black & Blooms

Part of the casual look that is boho is keeping a little carefully staged clutter around. Style organized piles and collections on surfaces for a decidedly boho vibe. Corraling stray items on trays and in baskets will give an intentional feel and prevent anything from looking too messy.

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Accent With Metallics

Boho chic styled bookshelf and hallway accented with metallics

K Shan Design

Kick up the contrast and offset all the natural boho elements with touches of metallic. Think shiny light fixtures and decor, metal furniture, and, of course, mirrors. The metallic elements will add a touch of glam while balancing earthy, textural elements.

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Add a Touch of Green

Bright and airy boho chic bedroom with plants

Black & Blooms

We'd recommend adding an organic element to any space regardless of style, be it a houseplant or a vase of fresh-cut greens, but boho style really embraces the infusion of life. You don't have to go full-out indoor jungle with it—one plant or bouquet goes a long way.

Plop your plant baby inside a woven basket for an extra bohemian boost.

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Dry Out

Boho chic styled entryway with a vintage rug and pampas grass decor

Cathie Hong Interiors

For an organic touch that doesn't require any additional care, look no further than pampas grass, dried palms, and other dehydrated greens. Dried decor is popular in bohemian interiors but is chic enough for just about any style and adds an ethereal element to your space.

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Set the Mood

Boho styled bath table with candles, plants, and incense

Black & Blooms

If you lean more traditional or modern in furniture and decor, add a touch of warm, bohemian ambiance with candles and incense. Adding aroma stimulates another sense to build on the mood you're looking to communicate in your space. Musky and floral scents in particular will capture the bohemian vibe.

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Don't Neglect Lighting

Boho chic dining bar with woven chairs and light fixtures

Amy Bartlam

Add a bohemian flair to an otherwise modern space with a light fixture in natural materials—things like woven seagrass, capiz shells, and shaped rattan. You can even embellish modern lights with boho accents like colorful scarves or a tassel garland. Just but be sure to keep a safe distance between light bulbs and any decorative items to prevent fire hazards.