How to Master the Globally-Inspired Boho-Chic Look at Home



What comes to mind when you envision your home in bohemian décor? Is it a sun-drenched Scandinavian-inspired space with calming neutral hues? Or an explosion of eye-popping patterns and international flea market finds that blend effortlessly together? How about a Tulum-influenced living room that's brimming with greenery and rattan accents? The answer: All of the above, according to interior designers who've mastered the art of this chic, globally-inspired aesthetic in their own unique way.

Unlike other home design trends that have come and gone, this free-spirited approach to decorating is clearly here to stay, thanks to its versatility and endless possibilities. "Boho doesn’t mean it has to be all maxed out with no negative space," says interior designer and blogger Anita Yokota, whose own home is a mix of California eclectic style and bohemian elements.

For Nashville-based interior designer and author Lauren Bradshaw, pieces like tasseled rugs or plants in baskets are an effortless way to bring softness and texture into any room, especially if you lean towards minimalism when you decorate your space. Yokota agrees: "What I truly love to do is visually play pattern, texture, and color together in a cohesive and clean manner. You can add touches here and there and get that vibe" without going full maximalist, she says.

Ahead, keep reading for these interior decor experts' top tips for achieving that effortless bohemian look—without traveling across the globe.