10 Beautiful Bohemian Dining Rooms We Love

Bohemian dining room

Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

Creating different vibes in each room is part of the fun of decorating a home. We’re all for comfortable environments but a touch of formality lends a sense of gravitas to a space that makes a home feel complete. The most logical place to incorporate a more refined tone is in the dining room. But just because it’s a bit more proper than the other areas of the home doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy. That’s why we love bohemian dining rooms. They’re relaxed yet chic and foster an inviting atmosphere where guests want to linger. 

Read on to see the most beautiful bohemian dining rooms around and get inspired to bring a worldly feel to your own space.

Go Green

Modern boho dining room
Black and Blooms

No boho dining room is complete without an ample supply of houseplants. For a lush, layered effect, pepper the plants around the space so they peek out from a variety of nooks and surfaces, from the floor to the ceiling.

Embrace Color

bohemian style dining room
Casa Watkins Living

Neutral palettes need not apply: Bohemian design embraces color with abandon, from earthy reds and browns to rich, saturated jewel tones. In this boho dining room, a colorful rug in shades of magenta, yellow, and blue invigorates the space with boho energy; its vibrant palette is echoed in the room's accessories.

Mix Patterns

Modern boho dining room
Casa Watkins Living

While there's undoubtedly a fair share of deliberation behind every bohemian design, the key to nailing the boho look is to make it appear as though you didn't give any of it a second thought. Take this boho dining room: Its mishmash of patterns—seen in the colorful zigzag rug and graphic-print wallpaper—appears effortless while imparting an eclectic, come-as-you-are vibe to the space.

Opt for Natural Fibers

Equal parts earthy and relaxed, natural fibers (think jute, rattan, and textured textiles) temper the formality of a bohemian-style dining room. That's not to say, however, that they can't make a statement. Here, an oversized drum pendant in natural woven fibers punctuates the space with a bit of drama, while a Moroccan-style rug serves as a neutral foundation.

Layer Your Textiles

Modern boho dining room
Casa Watkins Living

Not only do layered textiles create visual interest, but they also up the cozy factor in any space. In a boho dining room like the one above, textiles in varying textures, colors, and patterns lend themselves to long, leisurely meals around the table.

Living with wall-to-wall carpeting? Layer accent rugs over top to treat your space to a low-effort, high-impact revamp.

Find Inspiration in the Landscape

Colorful modern boho dining room
Dazey Den

Embodying the colors of a Southwest sunset, this bohemian dining room is sleek yet inviting. The table-and-chairs ensemble is decidedly avant-garde, but velvet throw pillows and a tasseled rug soften the look. Swathed in statement-making orange paint and accessorized by metal art, an accent wall echoes the palette and texture of the desert landscape just beyond the oversized windows.

Mix Your Materials

Modern boho glam dining room
Jessica Nelson Interior Design 

Boho style is all about layering, and this extends beyond textiles. By incorporating pieces in varying materials and finishes, added depth and intrigue are achieved. In the dining room above, subtle brass details and a beaded chandelier stand in contrast to the room's matte finishes and natural woods, adding an eclectic richness to the space.

Incorporate Global Accents

colorful boho dining room
Rikki Snyder

Bohemian culture finds inspiration in the art and ideologies of far-off places—and the boho design follows suit. Here, a dark and heavily ornamented dining set anchors the space in Eastern flair, while the décor can be imagined as keepsakes collected during one's travels across the globe.

Dress Casual

desert boho dining room
Blue Copper Design

There's an art to designing a space that feels casual yet curated. This dining room captures the informality that's essential to bohemian design while emitting a decidedly Southwest-meets-midcentury vibe. Surrounded by mismatched dining chairs and underscored by layered cowhide rugs, the butcher block–style dining table strikes a balance between imposing and inviting.

Light the Way

boho dining room
Dazey Den

Think of lighting as the thread that ties all of the above-mentioned boho design elements together—after all, bohemian design is as much a mood as it is a décor style. A boho dining room calls for layered lighting in the form of a statement-making chandelier and perhaps a pair (or two) of sconces. Just make sure that your fixtures are equipped with dimmers so you can cast an ambient glow upon your repasts. And don't forget the candles—nothing sets the mood quite like the gentle flicker of flame.

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