14 Bohemian Rugs to Make You Feel Like You're Halfway Across the World

Updated 07/20/18
Bohemian Rugs
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

A room without a rug is like a dog without a bone, peanut butter without jelly, a queen without her crown. The right rug can anchor a room, tie it together, and make it feel layered and whole. And while there are plenty of great rug options out there, a quality vintage bohemian rug can really work wonders in your space.

Whether you want to soften and lighten a room with a Moroccan Beni Ourain rug or give your space a muted hardwearing base with a Turkish Oushak rug, bohemian rugs have the imperfect nature that will not only make your room feel lived-in and authentic, it will also easily hide imperfections—making it the perfect pet and kid-friendly solution.

Whether you're looking for a simple budget option or you're searching for an investment antique rug, there are vintage rugs for every room size and every budget. Ahead, we handpicked some of our favorite bohemian rugs on the market that will make you feel like you're a million miles away from home.

Jayson Home Vintage Beni Ourain Rugs $395

This small Beni Ourain rug originates from the mountains of Morocco but would make an ideal bedside mat.

IKEA Kattrup Rug $199

You won't find a better bohemian rug than this IKEA Indian rug for $199.

Banded Sahara Rug
West Elm Banded Sahara Rug $1299 $899

This Belgian flax Sahara rug from West Elm will warm up a light-filled room to give it a layered sophisticated flair.

Jayson Home Vintage Belouch Rug $4495

This dark-hued rug is typical of nomadic people in Afghanistan and Pakistan but would be a wonderful addition to any moody modern space.

ABC Home Flat Weave Wool Rug $900

The ideal rug for a neutral room, this vintage Kilim number is affordable and chic.

Shiraz Rug, Cherry
Lulu and Georgia Shiraz Rug, Cherry $248

This bright beautiful red-and-blue rug will add a vibrant air to any space.

TRNK Mia Handwoven Rug $2087

This Indian dhurrie has the perfect combination of modern and sophistication and will tie any space together.

Jayson Home Vintage Oushak Rug $295

Vintage Oushak rugs are all the rage right now, and this small one would look great in a tiny kitchen or at the foot of a bed.

Justina Blakeney Kahelo Lines Reversible Rug, Black
Lulu and Georgia Justina Blakeney Kahelo Lines Reversible Rug $89

This black-and-white geometric rug is part of Justina Blakeney's bohemian rug collection for Lulu & Georgia.

Jayson Home Vintage Kilim Rug $495

Kilim rugs are among the most affordable vintage bohemian rugs. Originating from Turkey, they usually have a flat weave and a neutral patterned look.

IKEA Tilltalande Rug $149

Give your space a light layered feel with this tasseled black-and-white bohemian rug from IKEA.

ABC Home Vintage Cicim Flat Weave $1100

Handwoven in Turkey, this vintage Cicim kilim consists of vibrant multicolored stripes, forming a bold geometric composition.

Niama Moroccan Shag Rug
Lulu and Georgia Niama Moroccan Shag Rug $325

This Boucherouite Moroccan rug will bring color and brightness to any space. 

Jayson Home Vintage Moroccan Rug $1195

Ideal for a tonal neutral room, this vintage Moroccan room has a beautiful striped pattern that feels layered and organic.

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