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Boho-Chic and Minimalism Meet In the Backyard of Your Dreams

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Walmart Boho - Main Image
Images Courtesy of Molly Madfis, @almostmakesperfect.

Outdoor space has never been a bigger luxury. Even a tiny, empty yard is an oasis when you’re spending so much time at home. But why not make the most of a difficult time—and whatever space you have available—by transforming your outdoor area into a stylish slice of paradise? 

First you’ll need to decide on the aesthetic of your dream backyard. Minimalism is a great choice for its peaceful simplicity, but if taken too far, the style can make a space feel cold and uninviting. That’s where boho-chic comes in. Adding a healthy dash of the vibrant and creative style is sure to liven up your backyard. Take inspiration from these photos from Molly Madfis, who incorporated eclectic patterns and unexpected textures into her minimalist backyard, creating a space that makes guests feel warm and welcome.  

But you don’t need a blank check or Madfis’ design experience to bring this vision to life. Because the Bohemian Dreams Edit from Walmart makes this balanced and beautiful look accessible to all. With a wide range of stunning and affordable pieces, you can find the perfect mix of boho and minimalism to create a soothing outdoor retreat.

Walmart Boho

Breaking Down Boho

Boho decor has its roots in 19th-century France, where it represented a break from bourgeois expectations and a search for new forms of beauty. It has continued to evolve in the years since, but has always been characterized by eye-catching patterns, surprising textures and designs bursting with life. These elements, subtly woven throughout Walmart’s Bohemian Dreams Edit, can spice up your outdoor space without sacrificing the sleek looks that define minimalism. 

Let’s start with the fundamentals; lighting and heating your outdoor space so you can enjoy it at any time and in any season. The steel wood burning chiminea and willow rectangle fire pit provide warmth to your yard, both in the literal and stylistic sense.

Boho Walmart
Walmart Mainstays Suntree 59-Inch Steel Wood Burning Chiminea $110.00

Fabric lantern string lights, natural light salt lamps and rustic wood lanterns illuminate your yard in boho-chic style without cluttering the space. One-of-a-kind items like these are a reminder that embracing minimalism doesn’t have to mean doing the bare minimum. 

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Boho Isn’t Just Beautiful. It’s Affordable.

Accessibility was one of the driving forces in the development of boho decor. For most, the traditional signs of elegance—the gaudy chandeliers, imported rugs and crystal dinnerware you’d find at Versailles—were beyond what they could ever imagine paying, forcing them to find beauty elsewhere. This rejection of opulence for the sake of opulence is another way in which boho-chic and minimalism are such a natural pair. The Bohemian Dreams Edit continues the democratic tradition of both styles by pricing items to fit into almost any budget.

Walmart Boho

With hand-woven area rugs and runners costing $100 or less, it’s much less daunting to establish a warm and welcoming vibe in your outdoor space. For only $24 or less, you can elevate your seating area with an abstract embroidered throw pillow.

Boho Walmart
Walmart MoDRN Natural Boho Abstract Embroidered Decorative Throw Pillow $10.00

Terracotta planters and artificial succulents are available for less, making it easy for you to mix and match items to customize your backyard, empowering you to add playful, boho-inspired accents to your minimalist backyard. 

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Boho and Minimalism Work Together

There’s more than meets the eye to boho-chic. Quite a statement, considering all the patterns and textures that typically characterize the style. But one of the best things about boho decor is its functionality. Just look at how some inspired pieces can spice up outdoor dining. 


The natural rattan dining chairs are as cozy as they are gorgeous. Woven placemats, acacia wood plates and color rim tumblers will impress your guests, but more importantly, those items will make outdoor evenings with them even more comfortable and special. These Bohemian Dreams products, with their natural tones and muted patterns, demonstrate that boho doesn’t need to be flashy to transform your backyard. 

Walmart Boho
Walmart Acacia Wood Square Plate $26.97

Minimalism goes wrong when it makes a space feel more like a museum than a home. Mixing in the lived-in looks of boho-chic is a simple way to keep your backyard approachable.

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Now Build Your Dream Backyard

What makes these Boho looks so special is that they’re all unified under the same theme, but varied enough to fit any personal aesthetic and minimalist space. Whether you prefer bright patterns or neutral tones, you can have a boho backyard that feels distinctly yours. Of course, it can be difficult to know where to begin with so many boho products available at Walmart. 

Walmart Boho

A good strategy is selecting a larger item that can serve as the centerpiece of your minimalist backyard. Once you decide on a signature piece, whether it’s something as off-beat as the hanging wicker egg chair or as understated as the tan patio umbrella, you can choose smaller items to complement it. Pretty soon you’ll have a soothing synthesis of minimalism and boho-chic right in your backyard. 

Boho Walmart
Walmart Brolin Antonio Outdoor Woven Faux Rattan Chairs with Cushions $190.67

If you like the way it turns out—and we’re very confident you will—you might be inspired to give the inside of your house the same kind of makeover. No matter what room you take on next, you can return to Walmart for elevated decor at attainable prices.

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