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10 Rooms That Prove Bold Design Choices Are Worth the Risk

A green living room with colorful patterned floor

Rikki Snyder

Interior design is all about creating a home you feel comfortable in—both physically and creatively. And the beauty of it is that you have the freedom to create a space that is completely unique to you, going as far outside of the box as you like.

No matter what your personal style preferences are, incorporating bold design choices into your space can really pay off. Love bright colors? Embrace them. Enjoy mixing design styles? Choose as many as you like. Prefer a space with lots of contrast? Go for it. When it comes to adventurous design, these spaces prove just how stunning it can be.

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Headboard Mural

A bedroom with leather headboard and mural

Anne Sage

There are so many unique features in this bedroom: the rounded, rich leather headboard, heron-themed mural, and patterned duvet cover. However, it all works because of the defined and somewhat muted yet unusual color palette. The whole space has an art deco-inspired feel to it, and the combination of features make it a gutsy yet relaxing space.

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Electric Blue Paneling

A large grand living room with blue wood paneling

Forbes and Masters

Decorative wall accents like paneling and molding add a nice detail to any room, and tend to be a nod to design decades past. However, electric blue paint brings this paneling into the modern era. While this shade of blue is a statement-making choice, details like the chandeliers and soft gray of the sofas help bring some softness to the look.

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Mixing Old and New

A modern living room with orange furniture

Kendall Wilkinson

At first glance, this open concept living room isn't too striking, but it's once you focus in on the details that it begins to look more audacious. There's so much visual interest occurring, like the unusual color of the sofa and accent chairs pairing nicely with the more conventional blue accent chairs and the white kitchen. The combination of shapes from the more organic curved sofa to the harsher lines of the chairs adds another layer. And, of course, there's the mixture of old and new in the ultra-modern sofa and coffee table with the more traditional rug.

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Big Wallpaper in a Small Space

A bold bathroom with wallpaper

Laquita Tate Styling and Designs

One of the oldest design rules of all time says that you shouldn't put a large print in a small space; but this couldn't be less true. While a bold wallpaper like this one is certainly a risky choice, it can really pay off. Bathrooms don't always get a lot of attention, and making a statement like this is a great way to have a bit of fun and be playful. The black ceiling and floor really ground the space.

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Pastel Kitchen

A pink and green kitchen

Nude and the Novice

Pastel colors shouldn't just be reserved for nurseries—and this kitchen proves it. While pastel pink and green may seem like surprising choices for a kitchen, this room is really pulling it off. The key is to make it modern: the shape of the backsplash tiles, the marble countertop, the cabinet knobs, and even the decorative objects and wall art make this color combination look like an obvious choice for a kitchen.

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Bright Terrazzo Floor

A green living room with colorful patterned floor

Rikki Snyder

It's hard to narrow down just one daring design choice in this room. Is it the emerald green walls? Or perhaps it's the orange sofa, or the statement pendant light. But it's hard to beat the bright terrazzo floor, which seamlessly blends all of the other elements together. The floor features the orange of the sofa and wall art, the white of the chair, and the green of the walls, making this feel like a cohesive space.

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A Veritable Indoor Forest

A living room with large houseplant

Design: @yaelweissinteriors | Photography: @sketchfortytwo

While plants don't immediately scream "bold," having a forest in your home certainly is a design choice that not everyone is comfortable with. This massive fiddle leaf fig tree is a big focal point of this room, and makes an otherwise neutral living room look daring. (Especially since fiddle leaf fig trees are notoriously temperamental and high-maintenance.)

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Bright and Red

A bold living room with red wallpaper

Dazey Den

There's nothing more bold than a red couch—except, maybe, a red couch paired with a red wallpapered accent wall. The couch and its backdrop, complete with an equally colorful gallery wall, is an obvious but unexpected focal point in the space. Without it, this would just be any other midcentury modern-inspired living room, with the leather accent chair and ubiquitous shag rug.

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Bold Contrast

A bedroom with black accent wall and bright floral painting

Alvin Wayne

Compared to the other rooms on this list, this bedroom may look relatively tame, but there's still an element of gutsiness to its design. Not only is there a striking contrast between the stark white of the bed sheets and the pitch black wall, but the colorful painting also adds another dimension. It's graphic and bright and grabs your attention immediately.

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Mixing Textures

A blue, black, and tan kitchen with marble

Brophy Interiors

One of the best ways to create visual interest in a space is by combining textures, and this kitchen does that to the utmost. Everywhere you look there's a different texture: the marble walls and countertops; the wood drop-down ceiling; the ridged upper cabinets. Even the lower cabinets, which would look plain in any other space, contribute to the overall effect. The result is a kitchen unlike any we've ever seen.