Has This Food Trend Gotten Out of Control?

Although people have been making bone broth (which is a fancy term for chicken or beef stock made by simmering animal bones with aromatics), for most of humanity, sipping the hot liquid for its health benefits only became trendy within the last year. In the winter of 2014, New York chef Marco Canora opened a takeout window that served coffee cups filled with hot broth. The trend spread like wildfire, and by July 2015, bone broth was everywhere. Now Eater is reporting on a company that is taking the concept one step further: LonoLife is selling bone broth in K-cups, those single-cup pods that many people use to make coffee.

The LonoLife bone broth pods, which come in a variety of chicken and beef flavors, are marketed toward the Paleo and CrossFit crowd. You’ll need a Keurig machine to make the instant bone broth, but unlike the coffee pods, the bone broth pods are 100% recyclable. Eater’s Whitney Filloon asks an important question: “Can a pod full of powdered broth really be any better for you than the chicken bouillon sold at every grocery store in America?” While I have yet to taste LonoLife, I would bet that the pods can’t be as good as homemade or store-bought stock. And I can’t help but think that the bone broth trend has gotten a little out of control. How do you feel about the matter?

Learn how to make bone broth at home with Marco Canora’s cookbook, Brodo.

Do you drink bone broth? Would you make it in a Keurig machine?