Read These 5 Books If You Want to Be Happy (They're Backed by Science)

Updated 01/18/18
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Books hold the secrets to most of life's questions. You can read about love, history, social issues, and more, broadening your worldview and learning about yourself. You can even read about how to create the life you want to live, or more specifically, how to boost your happiness. In a recent article for Psychology Today, Emma M. Seppälä, Ph.D., sifts through the library of books about happiness to find the best reads full of science-backed information (she even wrote one herself). Here are five of the books she recommends reading to give your mind a little pick-me-up and kick-start your ideal life.

1. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink: In his book about making the most of your time, Pink breaks down thousands of research studies to help you effectively "hack time." It's full of compelling insights from psychological, biological, and economic research.

2. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris: Written by a previous skeptic, this book outlines practical meditation instructions for anyone who's ever thought about meditation but assumed it wasn't for them. He's sure to point out the scientific research proving the benefits of the practice to sway nonbelievers.

3. The Power of Meaning by Emily Esfahani Smith: This book proves that it is possible to find meaning in our lives. Smith utilizes research from psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, neuroscientists, and literary figures to show how seeking meaning can deepen your life.

4. The Happiness Track by Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.: Seppälä writes about how a fulfilling and less stressful life is possible with the use of research on resilience, willpower, compassion, and mindfulness. She believes that an energized happy life is tied to kindness.

5. Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection by Sharon Salzberg: This book is about how mindfulness and meditation can help people foster deeper relationships in all aspects of life. It focuses on the healing powers of true connections and how to create them.

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