7 Books for Holiday Reading That Offer an Escape From Bothersome Relatives

Updated 12/07/17
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As much as we all look forward to going home for the holidays, we understand that sometimes you just need a break from the (seemingly unavoidable) family drama. So when you finally hit your limit for talking about politics with your uncle or answering your aunt's prying questions about your love life, just pick up one of these great reads (because honestly, mulled wine can only do so much). Here's a reading list of all the exciting new December books we'll be turning to when we need some respite from the furor.

Move aside, Netflix—ahead are seven books for holiday reading that we'll be binge-reading this month.

three daughters of eve

Elif Shafak Three Daughters of Eve ($19)

One of the most anticipated novels of 2017, Elif Shafak's Three Daughters of Eve takes place over the course of a tension-filled evening in contemporary Istanbul where the past meets the present, the secular meets the religious, and the East meets the West.

the vanishing princess

Jenny Diski The Vanishing Princess ($11)

In this posthumous collection of short stories, beloved essayist and memoirist Jenny Diski explores how various women navigate their way through a constricting world.


Fiona Mozley Elmet ($12)

Set in modern-day England, Mozley's debut novel (which was shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize) tells the tale of a family living in idyllic isolation until a local landowner appears at their door.

record of a night too brief

Hiromi Kawakami Record of a Night Too Brief ($10)

In this brief collection of short stories, "three young women experience unsettling loss and romance." If you're a fan of Hiromi Murakami, Kawakami's haunting Record of a Night Too Brief belongs on your bookshelf.

enchantress of numbers

Jennifer Chiaverini Enchantress of Numbers ($18)

Chiaverini's latest historical novel is framed as the memoir of the fascinating Ada Lovelace, one of the founders of computer programming, whose contributions to the fields of science and technology have all too often been ignored.

you're not that great

The executive producer of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise takes on the self-help industry with this hilariously irreverent contribution to the genre.

no time to spare

Ursula K. Le Guin No Time to Spare ($15)

In this collection of essays, one of science fiction's most prominent voices muses on everything with her signature wit—from her view of the creative process to her relationship with her cat.

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