8 Books to Read If You're a New Mom, According to Other Moms Who've Been There

Meg Suderman's son Harvey was just born in March, but she's already learned an important lesson since he arrived. Like most new moms, Meg sometimes gets nervous about bringing her son out in public in case he cries or she isn't able to "maneuver the stroller gracefully enough in a cramped, hipster cafe," she says. But that's the funny thing about expectations: Meg can still feel anxious, but she's learned to appreciate the unexpected kindness of strangers, too.

"I'll be surprised by who takes the time to stop and coo over my child," she says. When she and her husband were out for a walk in their adopted hometown of Vancouver, Canada, they were congratulated by a stranger who rolled down his car window to offer the kind word. And then there was the teenager who was listening to loud music, and when he noticed Harvey asleep in his stroller "he suddenly looked totally aghast and said, 'Oh no! Is the baby sleeping?!" while hurriedly turning down the volume.

Lessons abound when a new baby arrives, whether they come in the form of serendipitous goodwill or hard-earned victories. And if you're a new mom who hasn't yet experienced what Meg describes, let us do something to fix that. We reached out to the MyDomaine Moms Facebook Group (where Meg is a member) to ask for any page-turners that made motherhood easier. And guess what? Strangers came together to provide eight books new moms should read and why they were so helpful. Read on to see why we think Meg is on to something.