This Hip L.A. Hot Spot Offers More Than Just Fashion—Look Inside!

Whenever we hand over the plastic and spend our hard-earned cash on designer clothing, we want the whole experience. From the moment we step inside a retail store, we want to be transported to another world where luxury and style rule and our everyday realities are just a daydream. Taylor Anne of Taylor Anne Interiors made this happen when she transformed L.A. fashion boutique Maher into a modern industrial masterpiece with a heady dose of glamour.

"I love the feeling this space gives you," she said. "It's almost like walking into your dream closet where everything is in its place. It just feels so light and airy, like a breath of fresh air. You just want to sit in there, kick your heels off, and have a glass of champagne and relax for a while." This organic luxury is Anne's signature, incorporating a fresh, approachable design style with loads of texture despite the overriding neutral palette. Take the tour to see how Anne achieved this look and get her style notes on the space.