I've Been a Stylist for 15 Years—These Are the Brands I Always Buy

a living room reading nook by a fireplace

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson Design

As our regular readers are well aware, we here at MyDomaine are always interested in what interior designers and stylists have to say—whether they're sharing which wildly popular décor trends are cooling off, divulging the "boring" basic home décor items they'll always love, or weighing in on the best white paint colors. While we've already shared a list of the brands we love to shop, we just had to know which home décor retailers the pros can't get enough of.

Ahead, we asked Los Angeles-based interior stylist Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design, L.A.-established interior designer Kerry Vasquez of Kerry Vasquez Design, Portland-headquartered interior designer Courtney Nye of Courtney Nye Design, and Nashville-based interior designer Sarah Bartholomew to reveal the brands they turn to time and time again. Spanning high-street retailers and local vintage shops, this is exactly where the pros shop for everything from sofas to throw pillows and light fixtures.

Emily Henderson, Interior Stylist, 15 Years

a living room bench with pillows by a fireplace
 Tessa Neustadt; DESIGN: Emily Henderson Design


"They are my go-to for hardware and lighting, but they also have great vintage finds," reveals Henderson. "I have had the insane opportunity to work with them a lot (like my recent Portland Project to name one) and I am always beyond impressed with their product."

Rejuvenation Altadena Glass Shade Table Lamp
Rejuvenation Altadena Glass Shade Table Lamp $329

Schoolhouse Electric

"I obviously love their lighting and hardware, too, but they have great furniture and décor, as well," Henderson tells MyDomaine. "I have been using them for years and will never stop. It’s all so good. Modern yet nostalgic design and such high quality."

Schoolhouse Mulberry Tripod Floor Lamp
Schoolhouse Mulberry Tripod Floor Lamp $999


"While I have been Target’s Home Expert for the past six years I truly love Target," confesses Henderson. "They make amazing décor at such an affordable price. My homes would have their product in it even if I didn’t work with them."

Project 62 Esters Wood Arm Chair
Project 62 Esters Wood Arm Chair $300

MQuan and Rebecca Atwood

"For a splurge, I love both MQuan and Rebecca Atwood," says Henderson. "They are amazing small business owners and artists I have used for a long time and will also go to for really special pieces that add the perfect amount of personality to any space."

Rebecca Atwood Dot Dash Pillow in Blush/Tangerine
Rebecca Atwood Dot Dash Pillow in Blush/Tangerine $225

Kerry Vasquez, Interior Designer, 10 Years

a living room with white sofa
Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Kerry Vasquez

Croft House

“For timeless handmade pieces in elegant silhouettes look no further than Croft House,” recommends Vasquez. “Everything is made by hand in L.A. with sustainable materials, and the end result is gorgeous and functional—win, win. I actually had a client bring them to my attention a few years back, and ever since, I've been trying to get at least one of their pieces in every project. Obsessed.”

Croft House Bronson Side Table
Croft House Bronson Side Table $975

Sunbeam Vintage

“I'm actually not sure I should divulge my favorite vintage store in L.A., but you can't keep a good thing secret forever,” says Vasquez. “I'm obsessed with Sunbeam Vintage. They have an unbeatable collection of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces at reasonable prices. If you don't feel like braving the flea market, this is a one-stop-shop for any and all vintage needs.” 

Sunbeam Vintage Original 1960s Vintage Burnt Orange Sofa
Sunbeam Vintage Original 1960s Vintage Burnt Orange Sofa $1200


“My favorite big box store is CB2, hands down,” reveals Vasquez. “They are consistently coming out with design-forward pieces at unbeatable prices and quality. Their designer collaborations are brilliant, and they just introduced their one-of-a-kind vintage line, which is beyond curated and gorgeous. I highly recommend getting those specialty pieces before they're gone.”

CB2 Iris Black Large Rattan Mirror
CB2 Iris Black Large Rattan Mirror $299


“One of my all-time favorite stores is Bludot,” says Vasquez. “The company is based out of Minnesota, and everything is designed and (mostly) manufactured in the U.S. They strive to create furniture that is functional, affordable, and beautiful. You can feel the thought and quality of every design, which is worth its weight in gold. They also just won the 2018 National Design Award for Product Design #nbd.”

Blu Dot Swole Small Table
Blu Dot Swole Small Table $329

Sarah Bartholomew, Interior Designer, 10 Years

living room with dark wood beam ceiling
David Hillegas; DESIGN: Sarah Bartholomew

Atelier Vime

"Atelier Vime is one of the last rattan ateliers in the world. Located in the South of France, their goods are all made by hand and truly timeless with such a special story," explains Bartholomew. "Whenever possible, I love to use their pieces in projects, whether it’s a light fixture or mirror. I have a pair of their pedestals with vases at my store in Nashville, which I absolutely love."

a reading nook with a tall planter
 Tec Petaja; DESIGN: Sarah Bartholomew

Hickory Chair

"Hickory Chair is a time-honored American furniture maker that I use in almost every project," offers Bartholomew. "Their upholstery, seating and tables are classic, comfortable and wear well, which is essential when you’re looking for the workhorse pieces for a home."

Hickory Chair Haydon Sofa
Hickory Chair Haydon Sofa $Price Upon Request

Circa Lighting

"With a vast range from traditional to modern, and all at a great price point, Circa Lighting is one of my go-to lighting resources," says Bartholomew. "Most of their goods are readymade, and so the quick turnaround is a major plus, too."

Circa Lighting Triple Swing Arm Floor Lamp
Circa Lighting Triple Swing Arm Floor Lamp $849

Courtney Nye, Interior Designer, 14 Years

small all-white living room
Amy Bartlam; DESIGN: Courtney Nye Design 

Croft House

“I first discovered Croft House many years ago when we were both just design babies,” explains Nye. “They had a couple of pieces they were making and selling on Craigslist, and I was just out of college, still in California and buying my first 'grown-up' piece of furniture, which was a tall wood and steel bookcase that they customized for me. Since then, their talent and product line have just exploded, and I'm still the biggest fan.”

Croft House Rivera Sectional
Croft House Rivera Sectional $6700


Menu can do no wrong, in my opinion,” says Nye. “From furniture to lighting to accessories, everything has a 'modern simplicity, with interest' feel to me. My favorite.”

Menu Afteroom Counter Chair
Menu Afteroom Counter Chair $390

Cedar & Moss

Cedar & Moss is a local Portland lighting and hardware manufacturer who I source from pretty regularly,” divulges Nye. “While they have so many modernist looks (which are great for all the mid-century homes in Portland), a lot of the styles are minimal and with so many finish options. I've found pieces there that work well in various eras of homes I'm working on. Also, their price points are excellent, especially for being handmade locally and materials all sourced within the U.S.”

Cedar & Moss Alto Cord 12"
Cedar & Moss Alto Cord 12" $279

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