These 9 Brandy Cocktails Were Made for Cozy Winter Soirées

If there were one kind of underutilized style of liquor that we were to champion, it would be brandy. It is a common item to have on your bar cart, but it's not that common to drink it. Often, open bottles of the liquor are used only in splashes to deglaze a frying pan, but now it's time to break out the snifter.

Brandy shares a lot of its DNA with wine, as it is distilled from fermented grapes, but it has a dark depth in both appearance and flavor. Some people may find its intensity only suitable for special occasions; thank goodness the holiday season is here. 

There are many flavors of brandy that can all serve different purposes in a mixed drink. Fruit infusions typically complement other juices. Brandy made with pomace (the solid parts of fruit left over after they are pressed for oil), on the other hand, is not aged and may appear clear in tint compared to its cousin. It should be left to the imbiber’s discretion which flavors to mix and match.

To get you started, we found some creative recipes for brandy cocktails. Whip any of these drinks up when you need a warm pick-me-up or if you are simply feeling adventurous.