5 Meals Every Fit Girl Eats for Breakfast

breakfast ideas

Breakfast is a divisive meal. Some people swear by the hunger-busting, energy-boosting power of a good hearty plate of food come morning, while others are happy to survive until lunch on coffee and water alone. The thing is that if you're into fitness, you should be fueling your workouts. But with 365 days in a year, that's a lot of breakfast ideas to come up with, which is why we have looked to our favourite wellness influencers to see what they eat first thing.

You probably won't be surprised to see that cereal is off the menu—no Coco Pops here). But that doesn't mean it's all air and egg whites: From our research, we've realised that the fittest people take an anything-goes (besides cereal) approach to their first meal of the day. Meaning it can take inspiration from your favourite sweet treat or dinner. Thats right: These influencers are turning breakfast on its head, and it's all making us rather hungry.

Keep scrolling for five breakfast ideas that are healthy but anything but dull.

Eggs and Avo

Alice Liveing, otherwise known as Clean Eating Alice, often eats a high-fat breakfast, meaning she doubles up on eggs and avo plated up with any vegetable she fancies, like mushrooms or spinach (she's also a fan of a vine tomato). Scientists believe that your first meal wakes up the metabolism and that a portion of good dietary fat will turn on fat metabolism for the rest of the day.

Homemade Muffins

Why not eat a muffin for breakfast? Just avoid the overly sugary ones in Starbucks, and make your own. You can find the recipe for these strawberry-shortcake breakfast muffins in Zanna Van Dijk's book Strong ($17).


Amy Hopkinson, digital director at Women's Health, often chows down on an oat-based breakfast, as she has found these fuel her workouts best and keep her feeling full. Don't want to carb-load? Try making zoats instead—these combine courgette (otherwise known as zucchini) with oats. Sounds weird; tastes great.


The fat-burning benefits of matcha is quite phenomenal. The chemical components basically make up an internal gym for your body. (Sounds good, right?) Drinking matcha can help you burn more calories, while studies show it can also help you burn up to 25% more fat. Try a matcha latte, or make like wellness guru Candice Kumai and add the powder to your protein pancakes come the weekend.


A study found that eggs for breakfast, as part of a calorie-controlled diet, helped with fat loss compared to eating a bagel. The yolks contain the goodness, but if you want to go low-fat, do a ratio of one egg to two egg whites. Load your omelette with chicken or prawns for protein and plenty of veggies to ensure you're getting those all-important micronutrients. Oh, and add salad leaves—sure, it's not lunch, but we're not the breakfast police.

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