10 Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas So Good You Just Might Want to Wake Up Early

Updated 05/03/19

There's nothing quite as glorious as waking up to a delicious homemade breakfast delivered straight to your bed. While we can't necessarily start off the day like this every morning, we can indulge in the lavish little ritual when the weekend rolls around. And since it's Saturday, we decided to bring you a fresh batch of delicious breakfast recipes, both savory and sweet, along with all the in-bed dining essentials that'll elevate the experience even more.

Breakfast in Bed Ideas

From the classic morning favorites to gourmet foodie creations and healthy options, the 10 breakfast-in-bed-ideas we're spotlighting are good enough to wake you up bright and early. Whether you're making them for someone special or yourself, enjoying them from the kitchen counter, dining room table, or the bedroom, they will definitely hit the spot. Read on to see which breakfast-in-bed ideas strike your fancy, and then head to the kitchen (or send this link to the lucky someone who will be whipping them up for you).


Baked Egg Crepes

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Crepes
Half Baked Harvest

These homemade crepes from Half Baked Harvest are going to make you want to jump for joy out bed and head straight to the kitchen. With layers of melted cheese, crisp prosciutto, nutrient-rich spinach, perfectly baked eggs, creamy avocado, and aromatic herbs, there's nothing not to love. Just make sure you make enough batter for seconds. 

acrylic bed tray
CB2 Acrylic Bed Tray $80

Introducing the number one breakfast-in-bed essential for easy cleanup and a chic barely there aesthetic. 

Chocolate Chip Waffles

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Waffles
Melanie Makes

There's nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, especially when said classic is a stack of chocolate chip waffles. This recipe from Melanie Makes puts a fun twist to it, adding yogurt to the mix for an extra fluffy inside and crispy outside. Plus, they only take 10 minutes to make, so you won't have to wait forever to devour your special meal. 

West Elm Spotted Dinner Plates (Set of 4) $40

A pretty plate will make your breakfast in bed all the more enjoyable. 

Breakfast Nachos

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Egg Recipes for Breakfast
Wu Haus

Nachos for breakfast, anyone? Sign us up. Though this recipe from Wu Haus is bursting with delicious flavors, it's also healthy and perfect for a paleo diet. If you feel like getting a little more indulgent, swap out the sweet potatoes for tortilla chips.

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Dutch Baby Pancakes

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Pancakes
Salt and Wind

This is the breakfast in bed to prepare when you want to skip all three meals and go straight to the dessert course. Brought to us by Salt and Wind, this Dutch baby pancake is a fluffy dream of vanilla, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and cream. And as if it couldn't get any better, it's also topped in carmelized persimmons. 

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Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Egg Sandwich Recipe
Half Baked Harvest

If we could eat grilled cheese sandwiches for every meal, we would. So we were pretty excited to stumble upon this breakfast cheese recipe from Half Baked Harvest. It features the usual suspects, but with a gourmet twist: sharp cheddar and fontina cheese, basil pesto, chopped chives, soft scrambled eggs, crushed red pepper flakes, and a light drizzle of honey, all stacked between two slices of crispy, buttery sourdough toast.

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Strawberry Coconut Chia Parfaits

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Parfait Recipe
Wu Haus

Vibrant in color, nutritional value, and taste, these strawberry chia parfaits from Wu Haus are easy to whip up and enjoy right away. It has layers of coconut yogurt, almond milk, freshly sliced strawberries, maca powder, and coconut chips for a nice balance of sweet and tart flavors. 

Str0m ceramic jug
Raawii Strom ceramic jug $64

Stay hydrated with stylish serveware. Or fill it to the brim with warm maple syrup for a sweet start to the day. 

Persian Kuku with Saffron Potatoes and Herbs

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Egg Recipes
Salt and Wind

Made in one skillet, this classic Persian breakfast dish (kuku) is super easy to make, especially considering how flavorful and interesting it tastes. Kuku is basically the same thing as a frittata, and this recipe from Salt and Wind is particularly yummy. It calls for saffron potatoes, a plethora of fresh herbs, diced onions, coriander, turmeric, toasted walnuts, eggs, and more delicious ingredients. 

Maude Smoked Grey Bud Vase
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Maple Glazed Pull-Apart Bread

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Bread Recipes
Half Baked Harvest

Sometimes simple is the best route. Case in point? This maple-glazed apple pull-apart bread from Half Baked Harvest. Made with extra-soft, extra-buttery brioche bread that's slathered in sweet maple bourbon glaze and gooey apple cinnamon filling, it'll be hard not to eat the entire loaf in one sitting. 

Amanda Lindroth Wicker and Melamine Buffet Dome $375

For anyone who takes their brunch very seriously, add this buffet dome to make it even more official. 

Poached Egg and Garlic Pesto Toast

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Easy Recipes
Wu Haus

If you're looking for breakfast-in-bed ideas that aren't too heavy and indulgent, follow this recipe from Wu Haus. It's basically a dressed-up slice of toast that tastes as good as it is for you. With a vibrant garlic hemp seed pesto spread, pretty pink radishes, a perfectly fried sunny-side up egg, and freshly ground pepper, it also happens to be highly photogenic. 

Cupitol Goa Flatware Collection $68

Finger food and an absence of napkins is a sure-fire way to stain those sheets you're lounging on. Cool cutlery saves the morning. 

Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Breakfast in Bed Ideas: Pastry Recipes
Salt and Wind

If you've never tried kanelbullar before, you're in or a treat. This Swedish pastry is basically a less intense version of the classic American cinnamon bun, making them the perfect treat for anyone who likes a bit of sweet but doesn't enjoy extremely gooey and rich pastries. Follow this recipe from Salt and Wind to give it a taste at home.

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The cardinal rule: Never ever forget coffee. 

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