Move Over, Avocado Toast: This Is the Newest Instagrammable Part of Your Morning

If you’re trying to figure out how to maximize the flow of energy in your kitchen, we’ve got a tip that goes well beyond the most important meal of the day. Confirmed: A breakfast nook can be so much more than just a corner of the kitchen used for light morning meals. In fact, just as all-day breakfast is now a thing (we see you, McDonald’s), the breakfast nook is no longer just the best part of waking up, but it’s a multipurpose space for all hours of the day and all members of the family.

It’s rare that we find time for formal dining these days, so we’re lucky to get the entire household to sit down for dinner at the same time, let alone breakfast. No matter what the household size, with each member of the family on the go, a kitchen needs to be conducive to activities like morning coffee, afternoon snacks, family meals, homework, and working from home. A breakfast nook can bring everyone together, and it can provide a casual, cozy spot where the group can congregate, even under time constraints.

Proximity to the kitchen is key, of course, but our favorite breakfast nook ideas also have just a bit of separation to keep you from feeling like you’re eating directly in front of the fridge or over the sink (don’t worry—we’ve all done it). When it comes to breakfast nook ideas, our advice is to save the fine china, and focus on key elements for everyday usage, like comfy seating (who doesn’t love a booth?), chic lighting, maximum table space, and a healthy dose of personality through pattern, décor, and lots of pillows.

That’s right, your morning routine just got a little more Instagrammable: Scroll for eight inspiring breakfast nook ideas with all-day chic vibes.

Which breakfast nook idea will you bring home to your kitchen? Sound off in the comments.