The Ultimate Breastfeeding Diet: What to Eat, Avoid, and Consider

When you're a new mom, the hard work doesn't end when you give birth. Oh no, it's just beginning. The thing is, it can be hard juggling the breastfeeding diet and giving your tiny one the right nutrients while trying to fit into your old jeans. You see, when you're feeding your baby breastmilk, they're eating what you're eating—meaning you need to be sure you're consuming the right things to promote growth and development. 

But there's some good news for new moms who want to get it right (and are worried about doing something wrong). "Keep in mind that it's okay if your diet is not 'perfect,'" says Juliana Shalek, MS, RD, CDN, and founder of The Nutrition Suite LLC. "The goal is to have mom put herself and her body in the best state for successful breastfeeding." You see, if a mom isn't eating well and consuming a bunch of processed feeds, Shalek said she's actually more likely to stop breastfeeding. (As for the benefits of breastfeeding, we've already discussed that it can decrease your baby's chances of SIDS, prevent illness, and can even make baby smarter). And even though there's not one exact regimen to follow, we asked Shalek to help us navigate the breastfeeding diet, from foods to eat, foods to avoid, and everything in between.