New App Offers Apartment Rentals By The Hour

Breather3Life can be much too stressful and we could all use a break from time to time but even our own homes can be hotbeds of anxiety. If we could only find an affordable, serene environment to escape to and recharge. Enter Breather, a new app we discovered through The Huffington Post. Breather1 Billed as "peace and quiet, on demand," Breather seeks to provide calm, soothing environments available for rent by the hour as an escape for frazzled city dwellers. Sparse, but tastefully furnished, each "Breather" or location, offers members a place to work, think, or just peace. Cleaned after each use and accessible through a code sent to you via their iPhone app, there are repercussions for those who use their Breather for less than savory purposes. Breather2 Currently in Montreal and New York with a promise of new locations coming soon to San Francisco, to learn more about Breather, head to The Huffington Post. Photographs: Courtesy of Breather.