15 Cozy Brick Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up Your Space

Cozy brick fireplace.

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Fireplaces are the heart of the home, standout focal points of any room, and practically scream comfy winter night, bundled on the couch with wine and a good movie. As the colder weather approaches (unfortunately) we’re dreaming of ways to warm up our living spaces, and nothing could be better than perusing chic and cozy brick fireplaces to draw up some living room inspiration.

These 15 brick fireplaces are inspiring us to make what is old new again and embrace this traditional style of fireplace in new, creative ways, with a little help from paint and décor. Scroll on to see new takes on the cozy classic fireplace.

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Dark and Moody

Black fireplace.

Arbor & Co.

This stunning brick fireplace is the darker cousin to your traditional brick red, lacquered in black and anchoring the living room. With a bold fireplace like this, it is important to achieve balance in the room from other elements, like the warm brown chairs and textured shag throws. Shelving and plants bring life to the black fireplace for an edgy yet comfortable look.

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Classy and Timeless

fireplace design

 Design: Dwell Aware

A brick beauty, this grand look effortlessly modernizes the traditional fireplace of the past. The addition of the adorable pink shelf makes for a fresh and clean faux mantel, and a vintage-style rocking chair ties in the classic feel of this fireplace.

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Cozy Cabin

White brick fireplace.

Arbor & Co.

Another classic look, this fireplace achieves an elevated, woodsy design with hanging antlers and a woven basket. The light color of the brick may have gotten lost on the wall before, but with a bold, black paint job, it is completely standout—and ready to be fired up.

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Go Big And Go Home

Large brick fireplace.

Home Consultant

This living room centers around the large brick fireplace perfectly. To achieve balance, the accents breathe new life to the traditional look of the brick with plants and rattan furniture. This is a great way to leave a piece of a classic home intact and embrace the brick fireplace in all its glory.

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Neutral and Simple

Neutral fireplace.

Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

Choosing this neutral brick keeps the warmth of a classic brick fireplace look while still achieving a blank slate for other design choices. In this space, the room feels bright with light grey walls and coordinating rug.

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Crisp White

Crisp white fireplace.

Noelle Ryan Interiors

This eye-catching moment puts a new twist on the brick fireplace. The simple white brick accents the entire wall and features openings for the fireplace, log stack, and fresh cut sprigs.

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Shades of Green

Green brick fireplace.

Sarah Fultz Interiors

This living room got a monochromatic revamp by painting both the fireplace and surrounding wall a flattering shade of forest green. We’d stay comfy and cozy in this space, grab a book off the shelf, and lounge on the sofa all night.

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Boho Holiday

Mixed brick fireplace with stockings.

Black and Blooms

A mantel perfectly ornamented for the holidays, this mixed-brick fireplace pairs perfectly with woven pillows and cacti for a bohemian fireplace. The white brick atop cascades perfectly to the structure of the mixed brick, feeling equally understated yet interesting.

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Old Meets New

Christmas living room and fireplace.

Cottage & Sea

All a fireplace needs is a fresh coat of paint to refresh the entire look. A white mantel was added to surround this Christmastime fireplace, and it immediately took the look from dated to modern and clean.

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Keep It Light

Crisp living room with white fireplace.

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Alongside modern built-ins and sleek leather furniture, this white brick fireplace looks as fresh as ever. We love how playful and unique this look is while still feeling accessible to recreate in any home.

If your brick fireplace could use a refresh, a quick solution is a fresh coat of paint. Black or white keeps the space neutral, or add a pop of color with a teal, sage green or yellow.

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Vintage Finds

White fireplace.

Ashley Montgomery Design

A livable, sleek space is immediately upgraded with vintage trinkets and, of course, this extensive white fireplace. Each piece featured tells its own story and adds so much character to the space—fireplace included. It reads equally warm, simple, and clean, and adds the perfect finishing touch to the space.

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Work of Art

Traditional living room fireplace.

Erin Williamson

Framing this lovely brick fireplace is a custom art piece that gives the white-washed brick a timeless finish and added character. The room feels ornate, yet is made comfortable by the brick element at the center of the space.

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Rustic Retreat

Cozy brick fireplace.

Beth Kirby

A quintessential fireplace shot: exposed wood beams, antique gold candlesticks, and a pile of logs at the ready. This vintage-inspired living space keeps the integrity of the original fireplace while adding chic upgrades to the rest of the décor.

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Humble Abode

White fireplace with logs.

Light & Dwell

The perfect addition to this living room, this white brick fireplace is embracing all kinds of visual interest, from custom floor tile to an elegant mirror and sconces. White brick spans across so many elements of design that it is bound to fit the vibe of any home.

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Logged On

Dark brick fireplace.

Tara Mangini

We can feel the warmth of this fire burning from here. The dark facade of the fireplace makes the spot intriguing and full of depth, with vintage frames over the mantel and soft lighting throughout the room completing the look.