This Bridgehampton Home Is 6500 Square Feet of Pure Joy

This year hasn't been without its showstopping home tours—like our visit to this Connecticut lake house for one—with our inbox delivering some major swoon-worthy moments to share with you, our readers. And they just keep getting better. Case in point, this 6500-square-foot Bridgehampton home that comes with seven bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, a large pool, and a separate garage with living quarters above on a one-and-a-half acre lot. Sounds dreamy, and you'd be right. 

Designer Timothy Godbold approached this '90s home with a fresh fusion he calls traditional coastal, and we're into it—proving once again that traditional style is here to stay.

"My desire was to modernize a traditional Hamptons home to a cleaner more modern vibe and be kid-friendly. The client has three young children that needed space to play while maintaining a crisp clean home." — Timothy Godbold

Read on to take the tour of this impressive home.

all-white living room

Godbold's team stripped the dark floors back to a natural pine then added a number of applications and washes to get that true beach driftwood to feel and keep it beachy.

white fireplace

Godbold describes his own interior style as modern, clean, relaxed, and masculine, yet inviting. He certainly encapsulates all of those qualities in this living room.

entryway console design

With a tendency to gravitate toward white and black ("I love the stark contrast," Godbold said), he stuck to a mostly monochrome palette throughout this home and used navy blue tones for color. "I stay away from a pop of color and tend to let artwork give me the color," he explains.

black living room

The biggest challenge of this project was unexpected: the floors. "We must have done 30 different finishes to then get to a final one and then do more finishes after that," admits Godbold. It took a lot of processes to get the desired look, but thankfully he tells me they're aging beautifully already.

moody living room

The library is Godbold's favorite room in the house. The black walls are a moody touch while the Maralunga chairs covered in shearling are a welcome texture. "It’s a very comfy inviting room," he adds.

open-plan kitchen

The surfaces in the kitchen are washed granite so they can take the tumbles of three children."The owners wanted to stay away from marble tops as they do not withstand staining and are more delicate," says Godbold. In keeping with the child-friendly yet polished theme, he kept the floors dark in a Belgium blue stone for the spaces that get most foot traffic and incorporated performance fabrics into the furniture for the living areas.

open shelves

The cool monochrome palette was warmed up considerably throughout the home with natural wood tones. This dining area alongside the kitchen is a perfect example.

white dining room

It might not appear that way from first glance, but this home was a real mix of high and low, which Godbold says really elevated the overall aesthetic. He reveals his client always reads the online reviews on products before purchasing, something he admits never doing until now. 

modern living room

The A-frame ceiling with exposed wooden beam lends itself to a laid-back and comfortable vibe in the living room. The natural light really brings warmth and an inviting mood.

modern living room design

Large wool area rugs help to warm up the living areas with stone tiles. Although this striking fireplace would help to do that.

white bedroom ideas

Every bedroom needs an open doorway to the world so you can enjoy a fresh breeze with those afternoon naps.

white bedroom
DESIGN: Timothy Godbold

The master bedroom is mostly white, allowing for a completely zen experience. 

modern master bedroom

Godbold kept the bedroom very minimal within the mostly white palette to encourage more z's and fewer sheep. 

modern kid's bedroom

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a guest bedroom until you see the toys on the striped mat. This kid's bedroom is given a very modern makeover, and we can't stop staring at the Serge Mouille light.

modern traditional bathroom

With any project, there is a powerful client and designer bond that forms. That was the case with this house. "They were a pleasure to work with, and it was a really fun and enjoyable experience," recalls Godbold. "The kids are great, and they are always so excited to see me when I come over. It’s the little things like that that make it a pleasure." When the husband first saw the house, he kept shaking Godbold's hand and saying thank you. "It was very cute and put a smile on my face for sure," he adds.

open entryway ideas

Of all the beautiful pieces in this home, there's one that Godbold favors the most. The bench from Stockholm that sits in the front foyer. "They use it all the time, the kids love it and it has a fantastic patina on the leather," he says. "My client loved it the moment she saw it and understood what I was trying to evoke." 

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