The Jaw-Dropping Morning Routine a Victoria's Secret Model Swears By

You'd expect the morning routine of a Victoria's Secret model to be equal parts superhuman and inspirational—and Bridget Malcolm's three-hour ritual certainly doesn't disappoint. As the face of Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry, H&M, and more, the Western Australia–born Pink model has a jam-packed bicoastal schedule, which makes her morning routine that much more important. Whether she's playing multiple games of backgammon over black coffee at 7 a.m. or blending up her daily power smoothie before rushing out the door, each segment of her routine serves a specific purpose. Read on for Bridget Malcolm's inspiring morning routine, as told to MyDomaine Australia:

6:30 a.m. “Wake up, no alarm. I wish I could sleep in, but I have never had that gene.”

6:35 a.m. “Sit down at the end of my bed, turn on insight timer to 15 minutes, and meditate. My days are so insane; this is my special time to prepare.”

7 a.m. “Play multiple games of backgammon with my husband, accompanied by black coffee. It is our favorite morning ritual.”

8 a.m. “I work out with either a run or Ballet Beautiful with my trainer.”

9 a.m. “I do my skincare routine—it consists of a vitamin C serum, a probiotic serum, moisturizer, and then sunblock. I then brush my hair and maybe straighten the ends if they need it.”

9:15 a.m. “Another cup of black coffee, followed by emails and checking of social media. I usually post around this time too.”

9:30 a.m. “I whip up a smoothie—currently I have been making one with banana, hemp seeds, almonds, cacao, and kale. It is so yum!”

9:45 a.m. “I am cranking my ’80s playlist and running out the door! After this point, anything can happen, but my mornings are always a nice routine, and that helps to keep me centered throughout the day.”

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