Inside the Striking Kitchen Renovation of a Chicago Apartment

While the bathroom ranks high on our favorites list, the kitchen is right up there alongside it. It's the social hub of the home where everyone comes together to share in good food, conversation, and sneaky midnight snacks. With so much attention, it deserves to look good. And even though aesthetics are important, this space needs to fuse function with fashion more than any other. That's why Robin Chung's kitchen renovation was nine years in the making.

The jet-setting VP of client services at BCV worked with Homepolish's Guinevere Johnson to transform her Chicago kitchen from its tired '80s theme into a bright chef's kitchen that is both practical and insanely pretty. "Working with a lot of design-centric hotel clients constantly reminds me of just how much your physical environment plays in affecting your happiness and overall mood," she told Homepolish. This kitchen is proof that slow and steady wins the race.