This Sun-Drenched Abode Is the Lifeline We All Need to Escape the Winter

There's nothing quite like stepping into a home that is flooded with natural light. And when that abode is located in sunny Newport Beach, California, you'd be crazy not to find ways to maximize that abundance of light that shines down all year round. And that's exactly what Brandon Architects did with this stunning home. It's open and airy with a balance of that traditional modern fusion we've been calling out all year. In fact, Brandon Architects coin this look the "transitional home," which translates to being rooted in timeless design but adapted for a modern-day life.

This 7588-square-foot two-story house has six bedrooms and six bathrooms and encapsulates everything you'd imagine a home in southern California to possess: indoor/outdoor living space, large open windows, neutral color palette, and minimal coastal interior style that fuses historical inspiration with a contemporary feel.

Read on to take the tour and see how Brandon Architects and the interior design team at Bone Streel Trout Hall took created this classic yet contemporary home. Not a detail was missed.