Brightland Just Launched a Candle Exclusively For Kitchens

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Brightland Candle, digestif with tulips on a table

Courtesy of Brightland

Do you love to cook, but hate that oddly specific smell that lingers in your kitchen long after you've finished cooking? And even though you open all your windows, turn on the ceiling fan, and wave a towel in the air, the smell won't let up?

We've all been there, and lucky for us, Instagram-favorite olive oil brand Brightland just launched a candle to solve your kitchen woes once and for all. Meet the DIGESTIF Candle, your one-wick solution to a fresh-smelling kitchen while you cook up a storm.

A digestif is typically a type of food or drink you enjoy after a big meal to help to aid digestion—and that's just what this candle does for your kitchen. Featuring a long-lasting 40 hour burn time, beautiful 8-ounce glass build, and all-natural ingredients, light the DIGESTIF candle as you cook or post-clean-up for a fresh air feel. You'll sense warm hints of olive oil, neroli, black pepper, and vetiver through the air—no matter if you're grilling fresh salmon or sauteeing garlicky string beans.

Vetiver is a plant native to South India, and so DIGESTIF’s vetiver and black pepper notes immediately take me to my grandparents’ home in South India.” — Brightland Founder & CEO Aishwarya Iyer

Since its launch in 2018, Brightland has become famous for its wildly popular preservative-free olive oils that taste delicious and look beautiful on our countertops. This exciting new great-smelling candle was inspired by Brightland founder and CEO Aishwarya Iyer’s upbringing in South India and her current life in California. "The orange blossom and neroli notes remind me of California’s gorgeous natural bounty, so I feel like a part of my heritage, history and personal story is poured into each candle."

Not only is the DIGESTIF candle aesthetically pleasing, vegan, paraben, and phthalate-free, but Brightland also tapped LA-based candle brand Flores Lane (also woman-founded) to help create it.

We have tirelessly worked on this to make sure that it incorporated our hero product, Brightland olive oil, as well as our core values around sustainability, partnering with California makers and farms, and celebrating striking, vibrant design."

This chic candle launches April 6, which you can shop now, plus read on to see some of our other favorites products from Brightland.

Brightland Digestif Candle

Brightland Candle - Digestif

We already know scents have the power to transport you to a memory or place in time, and this Digestif candle is no different. Plus, olive oil combined with the essential oils helps keep the smell from burning off immediately.

Brightland Awake Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brightland Awake Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made from heirloom California Coratina olives, this 100 percent extra virgin olive oil blend will become your favorite cooking staple, whether it's for zesty chicken marinades, flavorful vegetable sautees, or classic staples.

Brightland Parasol

Brightland Parasole

Bring dips, sauces, and salad dressings to life with Brightland's signature champagne vinegar. Double fermented with chardonnay grapes and Valencia oranges, you'll taste hints of citrus with every sip or bite (try the Gin Fizz!).

Brightland Rapture Balsamic Vinegar

Brightland Rapture

Zinfandel grapes and blackberries are double fermented together to create this velvety rich balsamic vinegar. Bonus points for the low-maintenance cork top, geometric design, and recyclable glass bottle.

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