See Inside Brigitte Bardot's Gorgeous French Vacation Home


Cattani/Stringer for Getty Images


When one thinks of Brigitte Bardot, the luminous French actress and international sex symbol, it’s easy to envision her lounging on the shimmering French Riviera with a martini in hand. Now a piece of that fantasy is for sale in the form of a $5.65 million mansion where Bardot stayed after separating from her first husband, Roger Vadim.

According to Hollywood legend, Bardot—who never owned the home herself—was set to buy it outright until her mother convinced her to purchase a waterfront property in St. Tropez instead. With just one look at the stunning manse, it’s easy to see why the actress became so enchanted with it in the first place.

Dating all the way back to the 13th century, the newly renovated home is perched atop the hills near the quaint village of Peymeinade and offers breathtaking views of the Estérel Mountains and Cannes Bay. According to the listing, the eight-bedroom home is all rustic charm, with “rough-hewn beams, stone and tiled floors, French doors and period hardwood.”

Visitors can expect equal amounts of comfort, thanks to a four-bedroom guesthouse that retains all the opulence of the main home. Nestled between the two is a pair of infinite-edge swimming pools, a lush garden, an olive grove, and three whole vineyards, which suggests guests will never have to worry about a shortage of robust French wine.

Learn more about Brigitte Bardot’s fabulous life with a copy of Brigitte Bardot: The Life, the Legend, the Movies, and tell us how you would spend your dream day in the French Riviera.