4 Ways You Can Use Technology to Help Raise Mindful Kids

Because the day-to-day stresses of life seem to always be growing, many people in the Western world have started to practice mindfulness, the art of living in the moment and shedding ourselves of any other thoughts. When we think about this Zen Buddhism technique, we hardly associate it with technology. While we try to become more focused individuals and bring our children up the same way, it turns out that gizmos and gadgets may actually be useful aids in raising them to be more mindful, according to a recent article on Mind Body Green. Keep reading to see four examples of how to use technology to help raise your kids the mindful way:

  1. Use mindfulness apps. The Buddhify app (it's like Spotify for meditation) is a simple way to inject a dose of mindfulness into your (and your child's) day. Choose from a topic on the color wheel, like "Can't Sleep," "Walking in City," or "Feeling Stressed," for a tailored listening experience.
  2. Encourage your child to be social online. Although you should be monitoring your little ones on the Internet, most of the relationships they have with children in their classes are fostered on the computer through messaging and emails (and when they get older, on their cell phones). If you have a shy child, note that it's can be much easier for quieter children to express themselves through the written word.
  3. Use apps to show your child how to care for himself or herself. Enlisting the help of programs that track your daily steps, food intake, and sleep schedule can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Think about even having a "steps-a-day competition" for the family in which the monthly winner gets to pick the restaurant for the next Friday night dinner.
  4. Spend time together as a family using the Internet, video games, or Skype. They say the family that plays together stays together. Since your kids are likely really into anything technology-related, use that to your advantage by hosting group activities. It's a great way to bond while enjoying an activity your child appreciates.

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What are your tricks for bringing your children up to be mindful?