Beyond "Brogrammers": 3 Unsung Women Who Made the Internet

If you had to visualize the people who created the first computer, deciphered early codes, and imagined the internet, what would they look like? Perhaps it involves two guys in turtlenecks tinkering in a garage. Or maybe a gang of Alpha nerds in Silicone Valley. The male-centric narrative we're taught about the history of technology has one fatal flaw, says author Claire L. Evans—it misses part of the picture.

"The history of technology that you probably know is one of men and machines [and] garages and riches," Evans writes in her new book, Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet. But female visionaries have been there from the start. "They've just been erased from the story until now."

Evans's new book tells the story of lesser-known women who lead the technology and innovation boom: the female programmers, girl gamers, cyberfeminists, and more. "Many of the women profiled in the book did some of their best work while nobody was looking—for their own reasons, to serve their own communities, or for the sheer love of the technology," she says. So in honor of our #PressForProgress pledge in the wake of International Women's Day, we thought it timely to spotlight three fierce women whose stories deserve to be told. Meet the women who helped make the internet what it is today.